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    Bonne Jenet

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    Bonne Jenet is a blonde pirate from Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters series. She also appears in Card Fighters and KoF Maximum Impact 2.

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    B. Jenet or "Jennie Behrn" (her real name according to SNK USA) is the leader of a group of pirates that goes by the name Lilien Knights. In Mark of The Wolves, Jenet entered the tournament that was being hosted by Kain R. Heinlein in order to rob him of anything valuable he might have hidden in his mansion. In the in-game ending, she passes out in the middle of the Kain’s mansion after having defeated him, while the mansion collapses around her. Her crew rescues her from being buried beneath the rubble. However, she fails to secure any of the treasure that they had been looking for.

    In King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, Jenet is revealed to come from a wealthy family. After she became bored with her tedious lifestyle, she decided to join the Lilien Knights. Before the tournament begins she attends a party instead of her parents, who are preoccupied. There, the son of the hosts attempts to impress Jenet by showing of his rather embarassing lack of skills in the martial art Savate. While Jenet is rather repulsed by his arrogance and his questionable skills, she learns from him that another King of Fighters tournament is being held. After the Lilien Knights rob the man's father, she knocks him unconscious and decides to enter the tournament in hopes of winning the prize money.


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