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    Rock Howard

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    Rock Howard is the son of Geese Howard, notorious bad guy from several Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games. Trained by Terry Bogard.

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    Rock Howard  is a character from Garou: Mark of the Wolves and the King of Fighters series. Rock is the son of noteworthy crime lord and most feared fighter in all of South Town, Geese Howard. Rock was raised solely by his mother, Marie Heinlein. When Rock was barely eight  years old, Marie contracted a fatal disease, and died while in Rock's care. When Geese was defeated by Terry Bogard on top of Geese Tower (Fatal Fury), Geese refuses Terry's help and falls to a presumed death. Rock having lost both his parents, is adopted by Terry, who takes him under his wing.
    As the years go by, Rock becomes a formidable fighter, due to having been trained by Terry and his blood line. Approximately ten years after Geese's death, Second South Town was established. During this time, a new King of Fighters tournament arose dubbed Maximum Mayhem, which Rock and Terry both decide to join. By the end of the tournament, Rock finds his final opponent is Kain Heinlein, who reveals himself to be both the host of the tournament and Rock's uncle. Upon winning, Rock discovered that the tournament was orchestrated by Kain to bring Rock to him. Kain, aware that Geese Howard had valuable secrets but unable to discover them without assistance, won Rock's aid in working through the document by offering information regarding Rock's mother whom Kain claimed was still alive. Terry accepts Rock's decision to become Kain's new partner, with Rock promising to return. 
    His move list is combination of his mentor, Terry Bogard, and his father, Geese Howard. He possesses several of Geese's trademark moves such as the Reppuken (Wind Slice), Double Reppuken (double windslice), Raging Storm DM, the Shinkunage (heavens gate) throw, reversals, and the Deadly Rave SDM. Moves from Terry include the Rising Tackle, variants of the Power Dunk and Crack Shoot moves, along with his Shine Knuckle (The Burnt Knuckle being Terry's version).  In addition, Rock's Hard Edge is similar to Geese's Evil Shadow Smasher. Also, his Crack Counter is a reversal that can be directed high or low the same as  Geese, where upon succeeding, Rock slams an opponent with a kick that resembles Terry's Crack Shoot.

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