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    Mai Shiranui

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    Mai Shiranui was the first female character introduced in the Fatal Fury series. She is a Kunoichi (Female Ninja) of the Shiranui clan.

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    Mai first appeared in Fatal Fury 2. She is also featured as one of the mainstays of the King of Fighters series & SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. She has appeared in Dead or Alive 5 & 6 as a guest character.

    Character History

    Fatal Fury Series

    Mai Shiranui is the grand daughter of Hanzo Shiranui of the Shiranui clan (a master of Ninjitsu & Koppo-ken). Mai studied ninjitsu from her father and judo from Master Jubei Yamada. During her childhood she encountered a young american boy seeking to learn martial arts named Andy Bogard. She quickly became enamored with the handsome young boy (would grow to be a handsome young man).

    Andy would leave Japan abruptly one day to go take part in the King of Fighters tournement (and avenge his father) without saying goodbye to Mai. Mai would not see Andy for a year before she herself recieved an invitation to take part in the next King of Fighters tournement. She not only encountered Andy but would meet his brother Terry Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi. Mai woud lose in the tournement which was eventually won by Terry.

    Three years later Mai would help Terry, Andy & Joe face a returned Geese Howard from returning to power in South Town. She was there to witness Terry defeating his father's killer one final time.

    King of Fighters Series

    Rugal & Orochi Saga

    In 1994 the King of Fighters tournement is held once again. This time entrants are in teams of 3 and fight until all 3 members of a team are defeated. As Andy would be joining his brother & Joe, Mai decided to join Team England led by King & joined by Yuri Sakazaki. The Women's team would remain in tact in 1995 but would undergo its first change in 96' where Yuri would join her brother's team (under her father's orders) and would be replaced by Kasumi Todoh. In 97' the team would change once again with Kasumi being replaced by Chizuru Kagura.

    NESTS & Ash Sagas

    KOF 99' is the only year that Mai teams up with the Fatal Fury trio as their forth member. She is asked to step aside for Blue Mary in 2000 and promptly rejoins the Women's team and remains their for her remaining appearances.


    • Birthdate: January 1st, 1974
    • Birthplace: Japan
    • Blood Type: Type-B
    • Height: 165cm
    • Weight: 48kg
    • Measurement: B87-W55-H91
    • Family: Hanzo Shiranui (grandfather - Deceased), Andy Bogard (fiance as she claims)
    • Occupation: Ninja
    • Likes: Ornamental hairpon that's her grandmother's keepsake, Free time
    • Dislikes: Spiders
    • Hobby: Cooking, Making Traditional New Year dishes, Dieting
    • Favorite Food: Rice cake soup, Sweet-red-bean-covered rice balls
    • Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
    • Skills: Japanese Dressmaking

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