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The Last of Us Not Coming Until 2013

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Naughty Dog's next game isn't hitting this year.

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Naughty Dog has been cagey about the release date for The Last of Us, which should have been our first indication the game’s probably not coming out this year. Now, we definitely know that’s true.

The studio was part of Jimmy Fallon’s now-annual video game week, and last night included a brief demo of The Last of Us, one of E3’s most talked about games.

At the end of the segment, which played out like a truncated version of the playthrough at Sony's press conference (sans shotgun blast to the face this time), Fallon asked game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann when we’ll finally get to play The Last of Us. Their answer? 2013.

I’d say it’s pretty likely The Last of Us avoids the increasingly crowded February 2013, but with God of War: Ascension already scheduled for March 12, it's unclear where The Last of Us fits. Maybe late spring?

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