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THQ Shutters Homefront Developer Kaos Studios

Homefront 2 now in the hands of THQ Montreal.

Despite fairly strong sales of its most recent title, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Homefront developer Kaos Studios evidently had not done enough to justify its continued existence to parent company THQ. Today, the publisher announced that the New York City-based developer had been closed, alongside THQ's UK studio, THQ Digital Warrington.

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Despite generally middling reviews, Homefront had, at last tally, sold well over a million units, and THQ had shipped more than 2.6 million to stores. Still, lackluster word-of-mouth did the title few favors past its initial release, and development of the upcoming Homefront sequel has evidently been shifted to THQ's Montreal studio.

THQ had no comment on the reason behind the closure, except to call the move a "a strategic realignment within its internal studio structure." THQ also noted in its press statement that the publisher is currently hiring at its Montreal, Austin, and Vancouver studios, and that anyone affected by the Kaos and Digital Warrington layoffs would have the opportunity to interview elsewhere in THQ.

Kaos' last development efforts on Homefront were on the now unfortunately titled "Fire Sale" map pack, which releases tomorrow.

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