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Thursday Night Throwdown 08/26: Quake!

Well, technically it's QuakeWorld, but no matter how you slice it, we've got two solid hours of old-school FPS multiplayer action!

Again proving that Giant Bomb is forever on the bleeding edge of video-game technology, for this week's Thursday Night Throwdown we'll be playing Quake. Yeah, you heard me, Quake! The original! We'll be giving out the server IP details once the show starts, but if you wanna get ready to get gibbed, just get prepped with your QuakeWorld-compliant client of choice-- ezQuake and nQuake are both good options if vanilla QuakeWorld doesn't suit you, though nQuake is maybe a little too crazy for Mac users. Of course you'll also need Quake, which, if you don't have, is available on Steam.
It all starts at 4PM Pacific Daylight Time. It's gonna be nuts.
UPDATE: IT WAS TOTALLY NUTS. Go to the Official Giant Bomb Channel to watch the replay.


Also, this week Dave asked our community to provide some shine to our usually comical front door promo spot. The winning entry was made by cap123 but some very fine submissions were made by all.  Take a gander.