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Walking Dead: Episode Four Will Terrify You This Week

More zombie adventuring is on the very near horizon.


Telltale Games has recently been hinting that "Around Every Corner", the fourth episode in the developer's critically beloved adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic series, would be dropping "soon." Now we know when "soon" is, and yeah, it's real soon.

Like, tomorrow soon. PlayStation Network players will be able to download the latest episode--penned by Giant Bomb pal and confidant Gary Whitta--following tomorrow's PSN update. Xbox Live and PC players will get their hands on the episode Wednesday.

The only caveat to those dates involves European PlayStation 3 owners, who will not be getting the episode with tomorrow's update. According to Telltale, the episode is in submission with SCEE, and just awaiting a final go-ahead for release.

I realize there are several other key contenders I still need to play, but as of right now, the first season of The Walking Dead has been jockeying for position toward the top of my Game of the Year list. I'll have more to write on the season once it wraps up with episode five, but for those looking for more immediate dissection, be sure to check out Patrick's "Faces of Death" series with the minds behind the game, where they discuss the various choices the players find themselves wrestling with throughout the season. They're linked below for maximum convenience.

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