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Worth Reading: 09/14/12

Don't worry about that guy, man. He's just your creepy uncle, and he wants to watch a video tape with you. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

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When Brian Urlacher takes someone out, this is how it looks on my TV. I don't know abou you.
When Brian Urlacher takes someone out, this is how it looks on my TV. I don't know abou you.

This is going up right around the time the Big Live Live Show Live is coming to an end, so I’ll go ahead and thank you in advance for tuning in, and I’m just going to assume everything went perfect.

By perfect, of course, we managed to make everything that did go wrong seem 100% planned.

I’m also going to assume the Bears destroyed the Packers on Thursday Night Football, since I’m writing this hours before that event is happening. If it didn’t happen, I blame the replacement refs.

You’ve also gotten a glimpse at some of the new subscription content we’ll be rolling out in the weeks and months ahead, including what will finally happen to that pile of Jurassic Park games that has been taking up precious space on my desk. Space that could be devoted to other piles of junk. Wait, am I already assuming most of those games are not very good? Well, one way to find out. It's mostly an exercise in fultity so we can finally play Trespasser.

Join us, won’t you?

Hey, You Should Play This

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When someone says “hey, there’s this text adventure that’s heavily influenced by David Lynch’s Lost Highway,” you can stop talking and just send me a link. That’s what I’ve done for you today with weird tape in the mail, an unsettling commentary on, well, I’ll just let you find out for yourself. It only takes a few minutes to guide through the adventure’s various permutations, and finding out what how else it can play out only takes a click of the browser button. By the end, you’ll be looking around your room, wondering if there’s a pile of brown stuff that you should really take care of.

And You Should Read This, Too

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In the continued spirit (ho, ho, ho) of creepy stuff, I recently stumbled across this story about a cursed (hacked?) Pokemon cartridge. Apparently this story is the stuff of legend, but I’ve never heard of it before, and despite knowing it’s made the rounds and been roundly disproved, it’s still utterly creepy. Supposedly originated from the gross depths of 4chan, but it doesn’t really matter if that’s true or not, and only adds to the overall weirdness of the tale, which is currently archived at Tiny Cartridge. I’m told Polygon’s Phil Kollar asked the creators of the latest Pokemon game bout this story, so I’ll have to link that in an upcoming edition of Worth Reading, so this thing can come full circle.

[Thanks to NeoGAF user Metroid Killer for the art!]

If You Click It, This Will Play

I Don’t Know About This Kickstarter Thing, But These Projects Seem Pretty Cool

  • I'm always up for more Tecmo Bowl, as appears to be the case with the RPG-influenced Football Heroes.
  • Seems unlikely Papier Adventure will make it, but the idea of world inspired by sketches sounds great.
  • I keep telling myself board games would be fun to get into, and the horror-themed Tremulus sounds great.

Valve Just Launched Greenlight, So Here’s Some Games That Don’t Look Terrible

  • You might be tired of platformers, but I'm not, so long as it has a new take. Grappler seems on the right track.
  • The Stanley Parable is undergoing a self-inflicted remake, and I cannot freakin' wait.
  • There's probably not a game I'm looking forward to more than FRACT, to be quite honest.

Oh, And Other Stuff

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Posted By Finkmeister

@StriderNo9: Seriously. I always look forward to these.

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Posted By Y2Ken

That picture is so fucking weird.

Also I am super excited for an HD Stanley Parable - didn't play the original but I heard people talking about it and always wanted to try it, so this gives me a perfect excuse.