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    Arvid Romm

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    Rotund Swiss comic book nerd, Arvid Romm is dedicated to fighting for justice. He self-appoints as his rivals anyone he deems an evildoer, such as The Beast of Hall 22 and Klein.

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    Arvid was a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. After coming to America, he attended a comic book convention and fell in love with super heroes. Now delcaring himself a super hero, he uses his natural wind manipulating powers to bound through the air at a pace at odds with his physique. However, his nerdiness made him a target for bullies, leaving Arvid with no friends. Upon arriving at San Bruno High, he heard rumors of a ghastly terror known as "The Beast of Hall 22" stalking students and attacking them. Arvid turned his attention to this menace to keep it from harming anyone else.

    The Beast of Hall 22 turned out to be Bryan Harrisworth, a student with electric powers and psychological problems. Arvid defeated Bryan, and he was sent skulking back into the shadows. Arvid had also made a friend in Ryken Volynski, a student with deep-seeded hate for whoever killed his father and cost him his arm, who Arvid believed he could help alleviate of his single-minded revenge mission.

    Some time later, Ryken began receiving mysterious text messages from an unknown source, claiming to know who killed his father. At the same time, Arvid began noticing a sickness spreading throughout the school, which shut down the students' powers and left them weak and disoriented. Arvid assumes The Beast of Hall 22 is behind this foul plot, and sets off to right these maladies.


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