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I'm finally catching up on the AC franchise through the year. I am by no means a complitionist particularly on open world games but am hitting a bit of a wall with brotherhood (after going through 1&2mand having an enjoyable time doing it). I've just got about 1/2 way through sequence 7, got full sync on around 60-70% of the missions, destroyed of all the Borgia towers, found 9 of the truth glyphs and all the view points but not much else and haven't left the animus once. This evening I spent a couple of hours running round fixing up shops so Rome is around 50% restored. But My overall sync is way down at sub 35% it feels like I should be way higher (By 2/3 of the way through AC 2 I felt like much more of a badass) and fixing up Rome didn't seem to change my total whatsoever. I'd like to get the most out of the remainder of the game, I was aiming to do enough to unlock the Cristina story beats as that feels like a natural end, without going overboard on a collect-a-thon. Can someone tell me what would be what are the best ways to raise the sync level up, What side missions actually add to the sync level the most? Also is there any story value in leaving the animus or is it just a way of unlocking skins? As more of a discussion point do other bombers really enjoy doing side missions such as collecting flags and feathers? For me I find it really depends on the genre and the volume of collectables. In something like mario 3d land where there are only 3 per level and they are more of a puzzle I need to get them all on every level, whereas with AC flags (or the GTA pigeons) where there 100's just scattered, I don't see the value and go out of my way to avoid them.

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