The Borgias TV Show Trailer

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#1 Posted by LadyShayne (159 posts) -

Apologies if it's already been posted, but I came across the trailer and was wondering what everyone thought about it. After finishing the game, I'm definitely curious...

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#2 Posted by Venatio (4733 posts) -

Hmm this looks interesting, haven't played Brotherhood yet though
Does this have any ties to the Assassin's Creed franchise?

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#3 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -


  For the lazy
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#4 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -
@Venatio: No
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#5 Posted by LadyShayne (159 posts) -
@Afroman269:  Thanks for the embedded player assist :)
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#6 Posted by Egg0 (180 posts) -

Looks good. Even though a brotherhood of assassins would make it better lol
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#7 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -
@LadyShayne: No prob, next time just click insert then video. Then paste your link there.
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#8 Posted by LadyShayne (159 posts) -
@Afroman269:  Can do.
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#9 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Where is Ezio when you need him? :( 
Looks interesting but nah, looks like bad TV

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#10 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -

Why is everyone posh british? I guess it's better it's better than having a stereotypical posh italien accent.

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#11 Posted by mrfluke (5878 posts) -

for some reason seeing them make a series based off the borgias makes me laugh

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#12 Posted by pekoe212 (525 posts) -

The Borgias are a goldmine of scandal and corruption, but I feel like I would want to gouge my eyes out watching this. The DRAMA...the MUSIC..uggghh. I read a biography of the actual Lucrezia Borgia (what a shitty life) and some of the things that happened related to her family are still unsolved. It's not like the papacy wasn't a joke when Rodrigo Borgia took over, but wow....unbelievable what they could get away with. Not just the pope, but all the ruling families. The world was so much more violent back then.

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#13 Posted by Rawrnosaurous (812 posts) -
@pekoe212: Oh come on the world is not more or less violent then what it was or is. It's just that it was more public than what it is now, hangings in town squares are replaced with being gunned down on the vegas strip. We have the ability to kill others from a continent away, they had to do it up close and personal.  
Remember war never changes.
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#14 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3861 posts) -

Wait the papacy used to be exciting?

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#15 Posted by Chylo (133 posts) -

The Borgias premieres on April 3rd. I'm not expecting exact historical accuracy, but AC:B has gotten such a hold over me that I simply want to know more about the Borgias.

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#16 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

someone needs to yell assassino 
i liked the tutors, might check this out

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