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    Assassin's Creed is a stealth action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. In the year 2012, Desmond Miles is kidnapped and made to relive his ancestor's memory through a machine called the Animus. As the ancestor, Altaïr, players unveil an assassin conspiracy set in the middle ages.

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    A groundbreaking game with a few flaws holding it back 0

    Assassin's Creed is a game about a man named Desmond (That's right, not Altair) who is caught up in a crazed science experiment, for the pursuit of figuring out the past of Altair, an assassin who lived in the year 1191 A.D. How are they going to discover this through a present- day bartender? Well, the mad scientist has discovered that people's memories are stored in their DNA, and that Altair is an ancestor of our Desmond. Believable? Not a bit. Do you mind, or do you just wanna stab someone? ...

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    Delicious visuals, strong storyline, a definite must play. 0

    Hard to really comment on the game to a sufficient level without giving too much of the storyline away for those who have yet to experience the majority of the game, but I'll give it a whirl. The majority of the game is set in 1191, during the third crusade in the holy land. You play the character Altaïr, an assassin after an artifact that the Knights Templar are searching for. Your initial assassination attempt goes awry, and you're sent back to your master, stripped of your rank, and are taske...

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    Postcards from Damascus 0

    Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (PC)[review originally posted on the Adventure Gamers forums]So I finally had a chance to play this, specifically the PC "Director's Cut" version which is different in its greater variety of side-missions (adding Rooftop Race, Merchant-Stand Destruction, Archer Assassination and Assassin Escort).I loooove the exploration. I like how intuitive the Parkour is, allowing you to focus on being awesome rather than having to think about the steps required to ach...

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    Where nothing (and everything) is what it seems 0

    Assassin’s Creed is a third-person, Third Crusades-inspired, conspiracy-laden, sandbox-styled, stealth-oriented, action-filled, anti-religious, virtual reality simulating, preachy adventure game. As far as I can tell, Assassin’s Creed is the first third-person, Third Crusades-inspired, conspiracy-laden, sandbox-styled, stealth-oriented, action-filled, anti-religious, virtual reality simulating, preachy adventure game ever made, so I’ll give the game credit for that. We don’t get too many games w...

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    "Nothing is true,Everything is permitted." 2

    This game,has been talked about a lot before it was released.As usual, the proud PC owners got it after the console owners because the world seems to run around like this nowadays ... nevertheless I expected much,i say, from this game and Ubisoft ( and the guys from Ubi Romania ) did a great job...I can proudly affirm that this game is one of the best games i played... now let's see why... Graphics are an important part of videogames nowadays... in fact if game X has less shaders than game Y,th...

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    Steal. Fight. Kill. Run. Rinse and repeat after use. 0

    Assassin's Creed has a well-developed story than most games in the same genre. You play as Altair, but you are actually his ancestor, Desmond Miles. Using a machine that allows Desmond to view the memories of his ancestor, Desmond can view the events Altair went through to uncover mysterious artifacts and defend them from his organization's rivals, the Templers. Story:The story progresses very well from start to finish. There are some major plot twists, but instead of letting the player revile i...

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    Assassin's Creed Hits High On Target 0

    Originally printed Friday, November 30th 2007 in the Technique student newspaper and written by myself. I have posted this primarily because there were no reviews for this game, and because I still despite the repetitive tasks think this is pretty sweet game. Even if it now happens to be the weakest within the series. But hey, this is a reflection of what I thought back in 2007 when the game was initially released. This article also contains all of my old feel free to nit-pick.  A de...

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    GTA: Equine 0

    Developer – Ubisoft Publisher – Ubisoft Platforms – PC (Steam or Disc) Release – 11/05/08 You know a games going to be good when it puts a warning label when its booted up. Assassin’s Creed a nice disclaimer mentioning the game is made by a multicultural team of different faiths. Translated it says “We can be as racist or stereotypical as we want because we are only insulting ourselves” Assassin’s Creed is completely crazy. The story is all about a bartender called Desmond in the future who m...

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    Free Running Through the Holy Land 1

    Assasin's Creed is a game with a great story, great locations, a good set of gameplay mechanincs and but a few minor annoyances.The game features two inter-linked story arcs: one set in the near future, and another nearly a thousand years a go. The main story (from an overall plot perspective, not the story most heavily featured) has your character Desmond captured by a scientific research organisation. There intentions are to use a device call 'the animus' to access your genetic memories (memor...

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    Repetitive but Innovative, Visceral, and Highly Entertaining 0

    Assassin's Creed is a beautiful game. Sure it's somewhat repetitive but almost all open world games are. Sure it's somewhat derivative, sure the writing isn't particularly interesting and the plot predictable. But the gameplay is just so damn fun and visceral that it's hard to care. Speaking of derivation, it will only take a couple of leaps off ledges or a couple of climbs up a building for anyone to realize that the basic mechanics of the game is very similar to a previous Ubisoft franch...

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    Great LOOKING game, great STORYTELLING game, not such an ORIGINAL 2

    ********************WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!***************************I have to say...AC was a good game, but I cant give it a better score than this. It tells a good story, but repetition settles in early.Story: 5/5Without a doubt, the game has an amazing story that mixes real history, with fiction. (Im sort of a medieval history buff so i understood A LOT) The game takes place in 1191 AD during the Third Crusade and September 2012 (Present day). The game has you in control of Desmond M...

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    Good, but with plenty of problems. 2

    Assassin's Creed is a great game that due to a few small technical problems is held back from being the ambitious experience it wants to be.It looks amazing visually. The animations for the main character are very intricate and detailed, and this detail is consistent with every other person you come across throughout the game. Outside of the animation, the ancient Middle East atmosphere that the game is set in is extremely immersive. The first moment that you gaze off into the distance from the ...

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    Next step in acrobatic gameplay. 1

    Assassin's creed looks like it was based on a movie, or a very good book, maybe it's because there are hell lot of cut-scenes, or maybe because the story is so great- The main plot is about Edmund, a bartender who's ancestor was an assassin during the crusade set in Israel, the Holy Land (my home, to be more exact). while playing you switch roles between Edmund (whom you will not see often) and Altair. so mainly after some quick tutorials you will be sent doing some assassinations (after all, i...

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    Assassin's Creed holds it's own, but it is no marvel. 0

    Released in 2007 and developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Assassin's Creed provides a fun adventure that is sure to leave it's mark in the minds of those who partake in it. It is unfortunately marred by a number of faults, but it remains a promising game with quite a few mechanics that work well.The story is about a twenty-something bartender named Desmond Miles who has been kidnapped for unknown reasons by a shady mega-corporation called Abstergo Industries, who have forced him into a machine called...

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    Close your eyes, you're dead. 0

    In the gaming world there are a couple of different game types that you will notice. There are games that have some of the most mediocre graphics of its time but deliver in every other category. Then there are the games that have gorgeous visuals but seem to fail in one or more of the other categories. Assassin's Creed resembles the likes of the latter. That doesn't mean that the game isn't worth playing, because it is.The story isn't as mind blowing as Ubisoft probably hoped it would be – with ...

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    Remember the Creed 0

    Assassin's Creed is a game experience that I will always remember. I will always remember first seeing this game at my cousin's house. First seeing the awesome looking combat, beautiful graphics, and badass of the main character. It was the game that convinced me on getting a 360. Its just a shame that a lot of the things that I will remember, aren't necessarily good things.I have started this game so many times I can remember all the dialogue from the beginning of the game word for word. Not b...

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    Innovative take on stealth-action gameplay provides solid fun! 0

    Assassin's Creed is a historical third-person action-adventure game which was released late last year for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 to mixed reviews from the general gaming public. The game has finally made its transition onto desktop PCs with a few additions in the form of a Director's Cut Edition as well as enhanced graphics to take advantages of the PCs computing power. However, most of the less-desirable aspects from the console versions that were responsible for the negative press ...

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    While repetitive this game's gameplay and story make it worth it. 0

    If you've heard of this game before, you'll probably know the concept. You Explore three massive cities finding out about your assassination target and the killing him. You have to kill 9 targets throughout the game and by the end you'll have pretty much know exactly what to do each time, but there's enough variety that you won't get bored unless your the impatient type. The gameplay consists of three elements, free running, combat, and hiding in the crowd. While all three of these work quite we...

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    Artistically an achievement, but not for everyone. 0

     Assassin's Creed is one of those games that can impress anyone simply by a picture or a video, the amazing visuals come with an excellent and intriguing story. There are two stories happening at the same time, one takes place in the year 2012 when a bartender named Desmond Miles is kidnapped and forced to be the subject of tests for a company, basically one of his ancestors was an assassin and they are doing tests with his DNA to search for remains of memory from this ancestor. The other story ...

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    Souless and Unfun 0

    This game is as soulless and unfun. It is repetitive, shallow, and frequent cut scenes only highlight the unlikable characters. Still curious? Borrow the game and complete the first assassination mission. I'll wait. Done? Okay, you've now seen everything the game has to offer. Did you like that long ride to the first city? Did you love the investigations (sit on a bench and listen overhear, walk real slow and press b to pick pocket)? Are you thrilled at the thought of climbing up 10 view points...

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    Kill the Assassin! 0

    When I saw the first gameplay of Assassin's Creed, I was so excited that I was minutes away from soiling myself. I bought the game as soon as I could, and boy was I glad that I'd bought the game. Why? 'Cause it's fucking wonderful, that's why! The graphics are fantastic, the music is epic and the feeling you get the first time you scale a building is beyond imagination. Suffice to say, after playing it for 5 hours I was happier than a kitty chasing a leaky cow. It's a shame, then, that this feel...

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    Assassin's Creed is a thorougly enjoyable romp. 0

     Assassin's Creed is the kind of game that is more fun than it has any right to be. It features an absolutely implausible story that infuses historical events with sci-fi conspiracies and tons of other heavy-handed plot elements. It's also a fairly repetitious gameplay experience, featuring one-note missions that never really gets interesting and you might run into the occasional glitch and visual oddity from time to time. It's so amazing then that Assassin's Creed still manag...

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    Murdered By Hype 0

    When Assassin's Creed was first circulating screen shots around the web, I liked what I saw. Not since Tenchu on PS1 had I had a decent chance to be an assassin in a game, and never before one during the Crusades. I rushed out to pick up my preorder and pop it in my 360. I couldn't wait to be an Assass-  Why the fuck am I in the future? Desmond? I wanted to be Altair! It goes down hill from there.  Unfortunately for me, that was the first few minutes of the game. Minority Report-like setting aid...

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    Check out for more reviews. 0

    Assassins Creed was scheduled to be Ubisoft's next franchise after the Prince of Persia Trilogy. Everyone was excited, adventure lovers and fans alike. There wasn't a reason NOT to be excited, for this was to definitely spark off something immersive and innovative for the genre. Unfortunately, in my opinion Assassins Creed doesn't continue the success of the Prince of Persia Trilogy and is an overrated game but there are plenty of solid despite dragged on areas of the game to be had.Assassins Cr...

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    Not quite what I expected 1

    This game is fun and all but only in the beginning. Later on however it gets really repetitive and story is really really boring. Wait! ... Hold up !!! its in the future ! ?!?!?! Story: Hi, I am Altair and because of my ignorance you are forced to play this whole game and kill some really important villains as an order from the boss. I feel sorry for the developers who were really that lazy to the extent they did not bother improving the story while others worked their ass off on the visuals an...

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    Assassin's Creed is an ambitious but disappointing effort. 0

    The premise for assassins creed is great, a stealth game set in medieval Jerusalem. if it's done authentically with attention to detail then that in itself could be the makings of something special. Why add American scientists probing DNA strands to trace the lineage of the assassin back to relive his ancestors memories?...I have no idea. For me this clumbsy plot mechanic totally spoils the immersion into the rich game world that is set out before Altair. Then there's Altair himself, why is he t...

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    When the Assassin's Creed trailer came out almost a year ago it looked incredible: great graphics, smooth looking gameplay, and a very interesting setting. The game itself had some mixed reviews, and I've finally gotten around to playing it for myself. The setting itself is somewhat misleading, as right away you realize that the main character is actually a descendant of the assassin in the trailer, and you are tasked with unlocking the secrets of his actions. The premise is that scientists have...

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    Visually stunning 0

    I had been waiting a while for this game to arrive and I was not disappointed when it did. My first impressions of the game was that the graphics looked superb, I mean the detail in each city is simply fantastic with the stark contrast of the rich sectors to the poor sectors is simply brilliant. I found the whole intro to the game rather strange but it was soon explained and I quickly became immersed in the detailed storyline. The storyline is quite strange as there really are two storylines w...

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    A beautiful death 0

    Ah what to say about Assassin's Creed well it is a beautiful experiance that will never be forgotten.But although in my top 5 games ever,it still has some bugs and it gets very repetitive to SOME but to me every kill was unforgettable.It is so satisfying to chop and break somebodys arm then slice there back.And all the boss assassination's are very fun to try and do it like a real assassin although I rarely could do that I just killed everybody but when you assassinate them it makes you go"Wow t...

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    Flawed but fun 0

    I just got this game recentlly, having ignored it for a long time due to poor reviews. I've been very pleasantly surprised. First, it's just drop-dead gorgeous. So gorgeous my wife acutally asked me about it: "what was that amazing looking game you were playing?" Second, when everything comes together, it's just awesome to play. Frantically running from the guards, bounding across the rooftops, quietly assasinating someone on the street and calmly walking away...perfect.Sadly, it doesn't always ...

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    Keeps some of my interest 0

    Great game, but after awhile it gets pretty boring. Its the same stuff over and over again but in different towns. I love the way you can throw daggers, have special moves and much more. Also I love how you can do a silent assassination i have played many games hoping that it was possible. I hope to see more out of Assassin's Creed two. But all in all good game. Just looking for a little more out of it....

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    Travel to past and Kill dudes 0

    Assassins Creed had alot of hype behind it, and after 3 years of being developed gamers had very high expectations. Too high perhaps. The hype kinda knocked it off course and as a result AC held mixed reviews from most publications. The sad thing is, and this may just be me, is that I was never really hyped about Creed. Hell I never even read a preview on the game until the last few months before release. As a result, Assassins Creed is more like a suprise than anything. But Sometimes I don't li...

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    It could have been such a legend... 2

    For some unknown reason,there are not many games featuring the Holy Land in the time of the crusades.Maybe religious reasons,maybe not,but the certain thing is that Ubisoft announced back in 2006 that they were working on a stealth action game placed in the Holy Land,& also showed us an awesome trailer.I was happy too about it,but when I saw that the producer was Jade Raymond...a girl,I started know,sceptical about the game.The concept would mix elements from the Hitman ,Splinter...

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    Creed Expectations 0

    "Video game longevity" is something of an oxymoron today.  With so many triple-A titles dropping each month, most games have a limited window in which to engage consumers before they move on to the next release.  Even an expansive open-world game with DLC galore, such as Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 2, will be little more than a memory for the vast majority of gamers within a year or two.  That being said, you can learn a lot about the quality of a video game by seeing how well it holds up past its ...

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    Original Assassin's Creed is too rigid 0

    This isn't the best review, as I haven't played much of the game.  The purpose of this is to encourage people to try the sequel and explain why I didn't enjoy the original.  I hope to save people a few bucks that they might spend  on the original and instead use it on a MUCH improved sequel. I was excited to get this game and got it for the holiday shortly after it came out.  I played the game for a bit but could not get into it.  However I (after getting a free demo) played the second one all t...

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    Could have been the best game of 2007.. Still great however. 0

    I watched previews of this game amazed as to the stunning graphics and the super cool looking character. I bought the game the day it came out and I think this game might be a little better to watch then to play. I love the gameplay, it's without a doubt very inventive. But the story line is really quirky and the whole twist to the game is given out within 5 minutes of playing. Without a doubt this is an enjoyable game. The bad thing about it is the length at which you can enjoy it. The game has...

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    White hooded dude 0

     Assassins creed is one of my favorite games of all time!  GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is a fantastic blend of swordplay. stealth and free running. Although the gameplay experience does at some point feels a little repetetive but that shouldn't bother you to much. The gameplay revolves around those three basic mechanics (swordplay, free running, stealth) and packs them into an assassination mission. The games free-roaming enviroment's are packed with pedestrians, merchants and guards. Basicall...

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    Good concept brought down by repetitive gameplay 0

    Pros:-Nice graphics-Good atmosphere; the Holy Land is accurately depicted and detailed-Storyline is strong and engagingCons:-Combat is way too easy-Enemy AI is dumb-Game play is far too repetitive and offers little variety in it's objectivesAssassin's Creed is a game that has a lot of potential, but holds it's self back by poor design choices. The game has a lot of good ideas; an engaging storyline based around a conspiracy theory, exploring the Holy Land during the Crusades, promises of freedom...

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    A promising start to a highly original franchise 0

     Story (9.5/10): I really enjoyed this aspect of the game. The development team clearly put a ton of research and thought into the story, recreating accurate cities, historical personages, and giving you a highly stylized vision of life in the Levant during the age of the Crusades.In particular, the story does a surprisingly good job of adding a moral element to the proceedings. Unlike in a lot of role-playing games, where "morality" just means making either a clearly good or clearly bad decisio...

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    Flaws in exectution... 2

    No pun intended, but in Ubisoft's new game Assassin's Creed, that execution is somewhat disappointing.  In a lot of ways, Assassin's Creed is a whole lot of fun if you can take it for what it is, but exactly what this game IS can be somewhat hard to define.  Story-wise, Assassin's Creed is a relatively strong game.  You'll play as Desmond Miles, a former assassin in the modern day who has since gone legit., becoming a bartender and leaving behind his past.  That is, until he's abducted by a pai...

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    Block, Parry, Rinse, Repeat. 0

     I started Assassin's Creed with a pretty open mind. Move about a city, do some repetitive tasks (it had been that long and all the reviews said so) and eventually kill some bad guys. But I rode quite the unexpected wave. I had to really push myself to continue at the start. The environments the player is put in all seemed remedial for such a game and I really had no curiousity encountering a new city. The people living in these surroundings were much alike, characters existing purely of ...

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    Fun, original, beautiful, one time thing. 0

    I loved this game when i got. I ended up playing for 2 days straight and beat the story mode just to realize i missed some achievements. So, me being the achievement whore i am went back and played it again. Once you beat it your basically done though. So i'd suggest that you rent it....

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    Silent but Deadly... and other fart jokes. 0

    I remember last fall, the colors on the trees, everybody going ape-shit over this Halo 3 game that looked only a little better than Halo 2 did but had 4-player co-op which was the appeal of the original even though Perfect Dark on the N64 had a two player co-op but only with the RAM expansion which was included in Donkey Kong 64 but more necessary for a game made by this company Factor Five that had to do with Star Wars and I remembered the commercials for this game that I'm writing the review f...

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    One of the most cinematic looking games ever 0

    Without a doubt, Assassin’s Creed has been one of the most hyped games for the past year. Now that it is finally out, the question on the minds of those who have yet to play it is, “was it worth the wait”? Well, it is a good game with a beautiful presentation, but there still is much to be desired.If you’ve been hiding under a rock then the odds are you know very little about Assassin’s Creed – otherwise you probably have a general idea of what it is all about. Basically, it is a stealth action ...

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