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    Asuna is a character in Sword Art Online who is the main love interest of Kirito.

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    Asuna (結城 明日奈) is a knight in the series. She is originally created by Reiki Kawahara for light novel series of the same name that has been adapted into a few manga series and an anime series.

    In the video game, she is one of the potential love interests who can be paired by the main character.

    Other Media

    Light Novel, Manga, and Anime Adaptations

    One of the main characters of Sword Art Online. She is one of the 10,000 players trapped within the titular game who must fight their way to freedom. She meets Kirito early on as a newbie and eventually rises to the position of vice-commander of the Knights of Blood, one of the game's top guilds. She favors rapiers in battle and moves quickly, earning the nickname "The Flash". She later becomes romantically involved with Kirito and they marry in-game.


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