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    The Jedi historian and Master who manages the Secret Jedi Academy on Telos IV.

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     Attris has a cold and stubborn demeanor that makes her beliefs hard to sway. She is also self-righteous and hardly ever believes herself to be injust even if her actions are perceived by all others as ill intended.

    Involvement in KOTOR II

    Attris is one of the the Jedi Masters who stayed with the Jedi Council during the Mandalorian Wars, after the war she attended the event that would lead the player to his or her exile from the Jedi Order. 
    She meets the player again on Telos IV in a secret academy that she hid away on the planet's toxic surface protected by a shield, there she trained echani handmaidens who could not feel the force. After the handmaidens capture the player and their party, the player has a chance to talk with Atris but Atris constantly waves off any attempts to reason with her, and eventually sends the player off to seek any other Jedi out to help defend against the Sith.
    While the player is away however, Atris slowly is influenced by Sith holocrons she recovered from the wreckage of the Jedi Civil War. With the holocrons and a conversation with a recently "recovered" Darth Traya she fully turns to the dark side.
    The last encounter with Atris in KOTOR II is when the player goes to her to find out Darth Traya's location, only to find out that Atris has turned, from then on her fate is left to the player.

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