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Avatar was an unoriginal, boring mess. 0

I will admit, I am not that familiar with the IP.  I never watched the shows, and the only real experience I have with Avatar is the previous Wii game.  I actually enjoyed the last Wii game.  It was a basic Dark Alliance clone, and what it did, it did right.  It wasn't fantastic but it wasn't insulting.  However, this Avatar game is insulting.  This time, instead of ripping of Dark Alliance, they are ripping off God of War.  Just about everything in this game is taken out of God of War, someway ...

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Great Improvement 0

I should start by saying I recently became a fan of the cartoon (thanks to netflix instant streaming!) and I doubt anyone who's not a fan and is more than 10 years old could enjoy it very much.    By "AAA" standards it is definitely a by-the-numbers action platformer, but this is a world of improvement for anyone who tried the abomination that was the first game (subtitled simply The Last Airbender), which tried to bring sloppy, half-assed, weird dungeon crawling RPG-ish gameplay (complete with ...

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Most amusing part of the game is breaking it. 0

 Avatar is an easy 1000 Gamerscore an notorious for it, the funny thing is the game past the opening scene is so much worse but so few gamers have actually seen it. While you can easily tell from earning the achievements that the main characters attacks do little damage, the equivalent of blowing air on someone.  The enemy AI though can be pretty damaging when not being stupid. To be fair the boss characters actually will attack you right away and usually constantly. Regular enemies though are t...

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