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    The Awesome is an Inner Sphere assault 'Mech capable of decimating opponents with its three Particle Projection Cannons.

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    First introduced by the Technicron Manufacturing Conglomerate in 2665, the Awesome rapidly became one of the most well-regarded assault BattleMechs in the Inner Sphere, proving to be more than worthy of its presumptuous name. The AWS-8Q is not only tough to kill with fifteen tons of armor plating, but it also sports one of the deadliest loadouts of any 'Mech: three Particle Projection Cannons. A single well-placed salvo from its main guns is often enough to completely obliterate smaller 'Mechs, even while at range, and heavily protected chassis as well must fear and respect the damage that the Awesome can cause. Though many 'Mechs that rely on PPCs for their primary punch are hobbled by poor heat dissipation, the Awesome is configured in such a way that its pilot can fire almost without restrictions, making it even more of a threat. Supplementing its power and durability, the Awesome's lack of ammo-based weaponry also make it an extremely self-sufficient 'Mech that can operate without need of support for extended periods of time.

    Not surprisingly given its broad circulation and popularity over a span of several centuries, the initial AWS-8Q design has seen many revisions and variations, though its signature reliance on PPCs has remained a constant over the years. With the advent of Extended Range PPCs, new models like the AWS-9M came to the fore to take advantage of their increased range and damage potential, while the AWS-9Q variant managed to streamline the 'Mech enough to add yet another PPC to its chassis, bringing the total to four. The AWS-9M model furthermore upgraded the original engine in order to give the Awesome a much-needed boost in speed, increasing its maximum velocity by ten kilometers per hour, which was no mean feat for such a heavy 'Mech. Yet another variant, the AWS-10KM, introduced in 3067, combined two of the Draconis Combine's Heavy PPCs with a single Snub-Nose PPC for short range purposes while also modernizing the 'Mech with a compact engine and gyro.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
    Awesome Schematic
    Awesome Schematic
    • Creation Date: 2665
    • Designer: Technicron Manufacturing
    • Other Manufacturers: Irian BattleMechs Ultd.
    • Production Planets: Savannah, Tongatapu, Irian
    • Cost: 6,598,170 C-Bills
    • Class: Assault 'Mech
    • Weight: 80 tons
    • Armor: 15 tons Durallex
    • Top Speed: 54 kph
    • Jump Jets: None
    • 3 PPCs
    • 1 Small Laser

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