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    Aya Shameimaru

    Character » appears in 22 games

    A crow tengu who authors a newspaper in Gensokyo. She's the main character of the Touhou Project games Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler.

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    Aya Shameimaru is the resident journalist of Gensokyo. She is intelligent, polite and very unhostile, unless someone gets in her way. She usually doesn't get into fights, but she's considered to be one of the strongest youkai in all of Gensokyo. Her fan is something she always has with her, it allows her to control the wind, either stopping it completely or creating strong winds and even tornadoes. She also has a camera and a notebook on her at all times for taking pictures and writing articles for her newspaper, the Bunbunmaru.
    It's a non-periodical paper that has both humans and youkai as subscribers. It's filled with with rumors and exaggerated stories about the unusual events around Gensokyo. Her writings have left her in less than ideal terms with some of the residents of Gensokyo, because her writing style can be very opinionated. However, she doesn't write to slander anyone, it's just her tendency to exaggerate as well as her inquisitive nature that gets her in trouble sometimes. Her true aim is to always pursue the truth.
    In both Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler her objective has been to take pictures of enemy bullet patterns.  


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