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    Ballistic Knife

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    A ballistic knife is an automatic knife with a detachable blade that can be expelled from the handle/frame as a projectile by means of a spring-operated or gas-driven mechanism.

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    These knives have been banned nationwide in the United States since 1986. Also known as a ballista knife.

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    In Black Ops, the player can use the Ballistic knife in Nazi Zombies and multiplayer modes. The Ballistic Knife is a starting weapon in the Sticks and Stones wager mode and the last weapon the player get in the Gun Game wager mode.

    In Zombie mode, if the player " Pack-a-Punch's" the Ballistic Knife, you can shoot a incapacitated teammate which on hit, will instantly revive them. Its name Pack-a-Punched is The Krauss Refibirilator and has 9 shots. The Weapon is in all zombie maps.


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