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Barbie takes the role a a marine biologist seeking to rescue the ocean life and its creatures. During her humanitarian expedition, Barbie will uncover buried treasure, (Barbie does not work for free). As the story goes along, the player will be acquainted with Sandy the dolphin. Gameplay consists of Barbie swimming alongside her dolphin friend Sandy and finding doorways. In order to access these doorways the player will need to complete certain quests and activities. Once completed, the player can explore a city of crystals, the corral reef, and a sunken ship. Various mini-games are present in the these areas as well.

Production Credits

Company: Mattel Interactive

VP of Development: Amy Boylan

Director of Operations: Timothy Waters

Executive Producer: Jesyca Durchin

Producer: Erica Bobrow

Technical Producer: Keith Kirby

Associate Producer: Vance Huskins

Business & Legal Affairs Senior Manager: Cynthia Berry Meyer

Senior Contract Analyst: Karen Kelly

Localization Coordinator: David Gordon

PC Product Producer: Isabel Woodward

PC Developer: Gorilla Systems

Senior Executive Assistant: Toni DeBerry

Administrative Assistant: Dawn Gottula

Vice President: Pamela Kelly Boogar

Sr. Product Manager: Lauren Berzins

Assistant Product Manager: Shaun Rowan, Michelle Machrone

International Director: Cathy Tische

International Coordinator: Pat Moore

Legal and Business Affairs Director: Nicole Van Dam

Vendor Operations Project Manager: Cheryl Hager

Packaging Manager: Heino Moeller

Media Planning: Kimberly Curry

Senior Technician: Dom DeLucia

Lead Tester: Craig Forrest

Tester: John Bloodworth III, Roger Hu, Oscar Lopez, Brett Rommel, Terri Sieker, Ray Yamauchi

Company 2: Realtime Associates

Programmers: Stephen Cuong Nguyen, Steve Ettinger, Doug Schilling, Michael Dorgan

Art & Animation: Connie Goldman, Laura Raines Smith, Phil Knowles

Audio: Greg Turner

Producer: Steve Ettinger

Japanese Localization: Shippy Ohka ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide


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