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Battle Grand Prix is a top-down F1 racing game that uses a split-screen for both its one-player and two-player modes. The player can select from three difficulty modes (Beginner, Pro, Expert) and several modes, including a long-form Survival mode and a single competitive race Versus mode.

There's also a Slot mode that re-imagines the vehicles as slot cars: in this mode, the player simply has to regulate their car's speed for corners and straights while the car automatically steers its way through the course.

The game has forty fictional drivers to choose from, who are only known by their initials and country of origin. While a majority of the racers are Japanese, all manner of countries from across the globe are represented. Likewise, there are courses to race on from all over the world, each with their own quirks and weather conditions.

Critical Reception

When released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the scores of 5,6,5,6 adding, "...the constant overhead display with the annoying split screen is the real turn off because you can't see what's coming up. The amount of options is nice but other than that, it's just a simple racing game without much flair".

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