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    Batwoman is trusted friend of Batman & Robin. She has many times proven her skills against foes in the Dc Universe. Batwoman is set to appear in Dc Universe Online.

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    Batwoman was created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff in Detective Comics #233 on mid July 1956. She was eventually killed off, then brought back in June 2006 in issue 7 of "52".

    In the New 52 DC Universe, Katherine Kane or Batwoman is an open lesbian. She has (many times) had sex with Renee' Montoya better known as Question 2. Both have been seen having "sex scenes" with each other in numerous comics.

    DC Universe Online

    In DC Universe Online, Batwoman mainly functions as a quest-giver who can be found in the Gotham City Police Department precinct, however she also appears in a mission where the player must team up with her to fight Scarecrow, and in another mission where she and a number of other heroes have become infected with the OMAC virus and must be defeated.


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