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    Game » consists of 27 releases. Released Oct 29, 2009

    Bayonetta is a "non-stop action game" from PlatinumGames. The titular character is a witch who can use hair-based magic, as well as firearms attached to her feet, to battle fallen angels and other foes.

    artie's Bayonetta (Xbox 360) review

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    Video Review: Super Nuts. Super Fun.

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    This is my video review of Bayonetta. I uploaded this shortly after the game came out but I'm in the process of putting up all my video reviews on my actual review page. I also need to have this been 100 words so in short: Bayonetta is a completely insane game that is memorable if nothing else. The combat system is very in depth, but the game's demanding difficulty and arcane mechanics and story elements may deter some people from completing the game.

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      A Greeat Action Game and a Great Way to Start the New Year! 0

        Originally Posted on Pixelated Sausage.  Bayonetta is a Japanese game. It has a unique style that you would never see from a Western-made game and it delivers a wonderful and enjoyable experience. I won’t say that I understood what was going on in any way, but it was ridiculous, funny, and overtly sexual. I never expected to enjoy the character that is Bayonetta, but I ended up finding her quite interesting and I hope we’re lucky enough to see more of her in the future. It may sou...

      43 out of 51 found this review helpful.

      Exciting, over the top, and incredibly satisfying 0

      Being the mastermind behind the original Devil May Cry and hence a pioneer of sorts of the "character action game", Hideki Kamiya had a lot to live up to with Bayonetta, the game that many consider the spiritual successor Devil May Cry. However, Bayonetta exceeds expectations by not only delivering a tight, well executed gameplay experience but also offering delightfully over the top and campy narrative filled with great tongue-in-cheek dialogue.  From the first moment you step foot into the wo...

      15 out of 17 found this review helpful.

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