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Video Review: The Video Game Equivalent of Pizza 0

Here's the video, it works better in video format:'s the script:For me, open world games are the video game equivalent of Pizza. There’s a lot of good and bad pizza in the world, but I usually prefer mediocre pizza to most other foods. Watch Dogs is an open world game, so I’m already predisposed to like it more than most people. But for everyone else, you’re more likely to dislike the game if you think it’s something other t...

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Challenge to Conquer, Lore to Explore 0

Video Review: Script from video:Transistor is a game that i was really worried about. It’s made by supergiant games, the same studio that created bastion. Bastion was one of those games i had every reason to like, but something didn’t click. I liked the premise, the presentation, and the design (on paper at least) but i couldn’t stand playing the game. My experience with bastion meant that i couldn’t be sure how transistor would...

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The latest causality in "Games as Art" debate. 0

Have you ever played a game where the mechanics were so rich you felt like you could refine the entire thing into one concept and it would still be great? That feeling may work for many games but most of the time you won’t find out one way or the other. Most designers and gamers alike understand that games are an amalgamation of many ideas rather than a thoroughly impressive one-trick pony. This understanding seems to have evaded the creators of Proteus, or maybe they thought their game was exem...

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Video Review: A Great Revival 0

Link because embedding isn't workingVideo review of Prince of Persia 2008. It's pretty great. I enjoyed that it was a new slate. At first I thought he name was Kate. So I decided to debate. Whether I should integrate. A video where i masturbate. But I decided to just do this instead. Yeah this game is good....

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Video Review: Ambition Meets Successful Execution 0

Link, embedding isn't workingAHHHH I Wish there was a different option for "video review" so I wouldn't have to put in 100 words of nonsense. The review is in the video so if you came to this video for a review than you're in luck because the video is a review, they call it a video review, where the video reviews and video game, so if you like reviews as much as i like videos, than you'll enjoy this review that's in video form....

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Video Review: Better Than It Probably Should Be 0

Link, embedding isn't workingI know it's EA. I know it's a licensed EA title. But I need you to believe me when I say The Godfather 2 is a very fun game. If you're into open world games with an interest in crime rings, shaking down fronts and reeling in cash for your family, you'll love Godfather 2....

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Video Review: Not Very Good 0

Video ReviewI should put a disclaimer explaining that I'm not a huge fan of fighting games in general and Fight Night Round 4 could be classified as "a fighting game" even if it doesn't have fatalities or world champion street fighters. I purchased Round 4 when I had disposable income and realize now it was a very poor purchase. Although these days the game is probably $10 dollars, which seems about right for how much it should cost....

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Video Review: Metroidvania at it's best might not be the best 0

Link, embedding not working.Meet my video review for Shadow Complex. Uploaded near it's release, I have to say in retrospect despite Shadow Complex being a totally competent game, I didn't find myself wanting to find every treasure and explore every nook and cranny (how many times have I said "and" already? This is why I don't do written reviews -_-). So I enjoyed the package while it lasted and it's worth the asking price but in my experience, I just got bored once it was over....

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Video Review: Super Nuts. Super Fun. 0

Link because embedding doesn't workThis is my video review of Bayonetta. I uploaded this shortly after the game came out but I'm in the process of putting up all my video reviews on my actual review page. I also need to have this been 100 words so in short: Bayonetta is a completely insane game that is memorable if nothing else. The combat system is very in depth, but the game's demanding difficulty and arcane mechanics and story elements may deter some people from completing the game....

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Video Review: Despite Ambitious Premise, L.A. Noire Disappoints 0

I had high hopes for L.A. Noire. Everything about the game seemed to promise a genre-mixing blend of quick burst action sequences intertwined with methodically paced detective work. The balance and pacing of L.A. Noire is superb, complementing the story’s characters and developing plotlines with intriguing conclusions. Unfortunately the entire game isn’t perfected to a T, a problem which can typically be ignored when the overall experience is satisfying. However, the fault of L.A. Noire is that ...

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