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    Shadow Complex

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Aug 19, 2009

    Reluctant hero Jason Fleming investigates a hidden underground complex to rescue his girlfriend Claire in this Metroid-style action-adventure game.

    artie's Shadow Complex (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Video Review: Metroidvania at it's best might not be the best

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    Meet my video review for Shadow Complex. Uploaded near it's release, I have to say in retrospect despite Shadow Complex being a totally competent game, I didn't find myself wanting to find every treasure and explore every nook and cranny (how many times have I said "and" already? This is why I don't do written reviews -_-). So I enjoyed the package while it lasted and it's worth the asking price but in my experience, I just got bored once it was over.

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      When gamers over twenty reminisce about their favorite video games, you'll commonly hear Super Metroid mentioned.   This sci-fi title is often recognized as the finest of the adventure saga known as Metroid.  In Metroid games, you typically explore massive planets that are chalk-full of secrets and power-ups, and Super Metroid was no exception.   The series hero, Samus, would find various suits and equipment that would enable her to reach new areas.   Much of Super Metroid was played in linear ...

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         Shadow Complex is awesome. If you've ever played a Metroid game, you should know what playing Chair Entertainment's creation is like. The gameplay focuses on exploring a huge complex and upgrading your character to unlock new areas. The constant sense and desire of progression, along with a pretty solid shooting engine make this game pretty addictive.   Jason comes across the complex by accident. Thankfully, he's been trained by his father to be a supersoldier! Shadow Complex has you t...

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