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Step to the Beep  

This mission involves Mario traversing across some narrow sets of blocks to reach a pyramid-shaped structure at the end. There are three colors of blocks: purple, green, and yellow. The purple blocks are always present, but only either the green or yellow blocks can be present at one time (not both!). The relationship between the green and yellow blocks is a inverse one; if the green blocks are present, the yellow blocks will not be, and vice-versa. While playing the level, the player can listen to the beat of the music to help determine when the green and yellow blocks will swap states.
 Here's the end-level pyramid. Reminds me of Q-Bert for some reason...
 Here's the end-level pyramid. Reminds me of Q-Bert for some reason...
Once Mario reaches the pyramid at the end, he must collect five silver stars to cause the gold star to appear. This also has the side effect of making all the blocks appear at once, helping to prevent unexpected last-minute deaths.

Silver Stars in Double Time  

This mission is identical to the first except for a couple minor changes. The main change is that the green and yellow blocks swap states at a much faster rate. To top it all off, the pyramid area is much larger, causing the five silver stars that you must collect yet again to be much more spread out, providing extra difficulty for Mario. Manage to collect the silver stars, and the gold star will appear for Mario to collect.

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