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    Conker the squirrel's Girlfriend.

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    Berri is first introduced as the girlfriend of Conker the Squirrel. At first, she only appears as a minor character who is little more than a bit part. By the middle of the game, she takes on a much more active role in the game's story.


    As far as personality goes, Berri is about as shallow as they come. She openly flirts with other men on her answering machine, senses no danger or bad intentions from sinister-looking men, and has next to no regard to the troubles that others are going through, except for when they're her troubles as well.

    An airhead to her very core, Berri is the perfect example of a bratty, self-centered beauty queen. She is the center of her own universe, and everyone who she meets is just a visitor there.


    Berri is an anthropomorphic squirrel with gray and white fur. Her hair is blonde, and is always tied up in a ponytail, no matter what game she appears in.

    What she lacks in brains, she more than makes up for it in looks. Berri's exercise regimen has granted her a body that is the envy of anyone she meets. Taller than most other squirrels, large, perky breasts, hips that won't quit and an adorable face all come together to make sure he always gets what she wants with little effort.

    Her clothing varies throughout her game appearances. Mostly, she is seen wearing a pink crop top with matching hot pants. Later, she wears a trench coat, pants and boots, all made of black leather and latex. In Conker's Pocket Tales, she wears a pink sundress.


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