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BeyBlade VForce: Super Tournament Battle is a BeyBlade game developed by Takara Co. and published by Atari (US and European versions) and Takara (Japanese version) for the GameCube platform.


In terms of gameplay BeyBlade VForce: Super Tournament Battle is a very simple game. At the beginning of a battle the player is tasked with timing a button press to try and get the maximum spin. Once the BeyBlade has been "ripped" or spun into the arena only the general direction of the BeyBlade can be manipulated. The winner is the last player whos BeyBlade is spinning last. There is also a special move that can be used in a battle called Bit-Beast. The Bit-Beast attacks do more damage to the opponent and will make the users BeyBlade spin faster.

Game Modes

BeyBlade VForce: Super Tournament Battle contains six different gameplay modes plus a gallery and shop.

The six gameplay modes are:

  • Tournament - The tournament mode is the main mode in the game. The player battles through a tournament set up in a series of one on one BeyBlade battles.
  • Free Battle - In free battle the player chooses any unlocked character to play as, then chooses any of the unlocked characters to battle against.
  • Team Battle - In team battle the player gets to choose four unlocked characters to play as on a team. The A.I. opponent will choose the opposing team.
  • 10 Battle - In 10 battle the player plays through ten random one on one battles.
  • 4 Player Battle Royale - The 4 player battle royale can be played with a mixture of human and A.I. opponents. The battle royale is played with all four players against each other at the same time.
  • 4 Player Team Battle - In the 4 player team battle the computer will choose a team of two opposing characters and one character to be on the players team. In these battles players on the same team cannot inflict damage to one another.

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