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    Gender Option

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    Picking the gender of your character can help immerse you in the game world. Sometimes this leads to different abilities in-game, sometimes it means nothing at all.

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    Certain games give players the choice of selecting between a male or female protagonist.  In some cases, this choice is merely limited to aesthetics; the selection of one gender over another merely affects the character's appearance, and NPC dialogue may differ slightly to reflect the player character's gender.  As an example, in Pokemon titles such as Pokemon Black/White, the playable male and female trainers are equal in terms of their abilities and their interactions within the game world.  At no point does the gameplay itself alter based on the gender of the character chosen.

    In other games, selecting a character of a particular gender may grant the player access to certain privileges or abilities.  In the Fallout series, for example, the player may earn gender-based abilities or traits that affect their interactions with certain members of the opposite gender or their own gender.  In Dragon Age, the gender of the player's Warden affects which party members that the player is able to romance.

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