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    Big Sky Infinity

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 11, 2012

    Dual joystick shooter, console sequel to the PC Big Sky games.

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    Big Sky Infinity is a dual-joystick shooter developed by VooFoo and Boss Baddie for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Features include randomly generated levels with dynamically adjusted difficulty and an extensive upgrade system. The PS3 version also has stereoscopic 3D support and 4 player local co-op, while for the Vita it has near support and asynchronous multiplayer challenges.


    There are many different gameplay modes such as Boss Rush or Peaceful Mode, which is basically a practice mode with infinite lives and no scoreboard synchronization of the player's performance. The main focus of the gameplay is Classic mode with the aim of progressing as far as possible through the procedurally generated levels with only one life while collecting starbits, the in-game currency released upon the explosion of enemy ships that is then used to upgrade the player's ship in a menu between games. The aim being that these upgrades will enable players to progress further on their next attempt.

    A unique gameplay feature for a dual-joystick shooter is drilling. By pressing X or the top shoulder button (R on Vita, R1 on PS3) the player's ship is surrounded be a circular saw animation with which the ship can pass through obstacles such as planets or asteroids. Drilling can also be used in boss fights, e.g. if the boss is surrounded my an invulnerable layer of metal. Moreover, by holding the drill button down, the player's ship becomes invulnerable to enemy ships and can crash into and destroy them, but this function of drilling can only be used four times in a single game.

    Another unique feature for a shooter is the narrator. The male British English speaker guides players through the tutorial and continues to comment on the player's performance throughout the game. There is an option to turn the narrator off.

    The game supports PSN Cross Buy and Cross-Save, and will be free for European PlayStation Plus subscribers in December 2012.


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