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Bill Roper is best known for his involvement with Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. He was considered "the face of Blizzard."

After many months of rumors going around that Blizzard may be sold and teams may be split up, Bill and many of his colleagues confronted Vivendi about their fate. They asked, simply, if they were going to be sold, as Vivendi was telling them nothing and it was causing large amounts of stress internally. When Vivendi refused to comment, they threatened to resign. Vivendi accepted their resignation.

Flagship Studios

Bill Roper, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer, and David Brevik, the original developers of Diablo, formed Flagship Studios and quickly began work on Hellgate: London. They started working out of their homes in 2003, eventually moving to offices about a year later.

While creating Hellgate: London, they made a simple game which was designed to test out concepts and skills to test them for Hellgate: London. The play testers became highly addicted to this game, and Flagship saw an opportunity.

They began working on this as their second game, calling it Mythos. It was an isometric-esque 3D game, where the player would raid dungeons for quests and loot.

However, Flagship began suffering from financial issues, and were forced to release Hellgate: London unfinished. Though it was not said until later, many fans realized that the game was incomplete for many reasons, one of which was due to the graphics, as better builds had been shown.

Flagship went bankrupt soon after, and their IPs were divided among Habitsoft and Namco Bandai. While Habitsoft still supports the game, releasing patches and updates in Korea, Namco Bandai shut the US and UK servers down January 31st, 2009.


Upon trying to get into the Champions Online beta, he was offered a job and accepted it at Cryptic Studios as Design Director and Executive Producer.

Disney Interactive Studios

In June of 2011, Bill Roper joined the core games division of Disney Interactive Media Group in Glendale, CA. He's working as the Marvel games franchise lead on multiple unannounced projects.

Poxy Boggards

Founded in 1994, the Poxy Boggards are a Irish-folk band, singing renaissance-style drinking songs. Bill Roper is a founding member, starting the band with his close friend, Stuart Venable. He has been on every CD they have released, nearly missing one during Hellgate: London's development due to location problems. That was solved by recording the music and sending it to Stu, who mixed it into the songs

He has appeared a few times on their recording studio's podcast, The Angryfolk Music and Infantile Comedy Show.


  • Bill Roper has the ability to marry people legally.

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