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    Bill Walsh College Football

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released August 1993

    American college football game featuring legendary coach Bill Walsh, who led the San Francisco 49ers in their glory days in the mid '80s, before moving on to coach Stanford.

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    Bill Walsh College Football is a 1993 college football game for the Super Nintendo, Sega CD and Genesis. It is functionally similar to EA Sports's more famous football series, Madden NFL, and contains many similar features. The player can select to play a single exhibition game, start a whole season, take part in the '93 playoffs or play famous playoffs with historical teams. The latter two modes have set team ups.

    Featured Teams

    • Alabama
    • Arizona
    • Boston (Massachusetts)
    • College Station (Texas)
    • Colorado
    • Columbus (Ohio)
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Kansas
    • Miami (Florida)
    • Michigan
    • Nebraska
    • Provo (Utah)
    • Pullman (Washington)
    • Raleigh (North Carolina)
    • South Carolina
    • South Bend (Indiana)
    • Stanford (California)
    • State College (Pennsylvania)
    • Syracuse (New York)
    • Tallahassee (Florida)
    • Tennessee
    • Washington

    It also includes the following "historical" teams:

    • Alabama '78
    • Atlanta '90 (Georgia)
    • Auburn '83 (Alabama)
    • Baton Rouge '87 (Louisiana)
    • Boston '84
    • Clemson '81 (South Carolina)
    • Colorado '90
    • Columbus '79
    • Florida '84
    • Georgia '80
    • Los Angeles '82 (California)
    • Miami '91
    • Michigan '85
    • Nebraska '83
    • Oklahoma '85
    • Pittsburgh '80 (Pennsylvania)
    • Provo '84
    • South Carolina '79
    • South Bend '88
    • State College '86
    • Tallahassee '87
    • Tennessee '85
    • Texas '81
    • Washington '91

    Critical Reception

    Electronic Gaming Monthly's Mike Weigand gave the review score of 7 out of ten writing, "...the idea of making this with college football teams is almost irrelevant, since it is almost identical to all other football games out there". Later in the two sentence review he appears to contradict himself when he adds, " play is solid, just as you would expect from EA, making it a must for football fans".


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