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    Bio-Ship Paladin

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1990

    Bio-Ship Paladin is a scrolling shooter that was originally released in arcades with a home follow-up on the Genesis.

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    Uchuu Senkan Gomorrah (Space Battleship Gomorrah), known in the west as Bio-Ship Paladin, is an arcade horizontal shoot 'em up originally developed by NMK. Its Sega Mega Drive port, which was only released in Japan, was developed by Aisystem Tokyo.

    The player's ship, rather than a speedy and maneuverable fighter, is instead a large heavy weapons platform that is slow to move but makes up for it with increased offensive power. In addition to a charge shot which produces a large horizontal wave beam, the player can also move a targeting reticle anywhere around the screen and fire bombs wherever it's pointing, allowing them to hit targets all around. They cannot move the ship while moving the reticle, however (at least in the Mega Drive version), so using this weapon has its own risks.


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