Revive the Multiplayer!!

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I really enjoyed this game when it came out back in 2009 and remembered the multiplayer (though bare on features) being awesome and an absolute blast to play. I hope that members of the community have these feelings as well because good games like this one still deserves an active playing community. So lets set up some multiplayer matches within the GB community and have a great time with this hidden gem from this generation, especially when we think of the next generation of consoles.

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#2 Posted by GunstarRed (6045 posts) -

I have never, ever played it. Put a ton of hours S ranking it, but I'm pretty certain I never even looked at the MP once.

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Let's play some matches tonight! It will be our own TNT

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Maybe I should have asked the question: Does anyone want to play this game.

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If I still had a copy I would.

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@scroll: Thank you. You really are one of the good ones in this place.

And to think I wanted to try and do the same thing for Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. This is really depressing.

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#7 Posted by Scroll (632 posts) -

It would be interesting to attempt to revive the forgotten Multiplayer games of this generation for a TNT or something along those lines.

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@scroll:Especially when many within our community are talking extensively about the next-generation of consoles. These games are hidden gems of this current generation and deserve one last look upon before we forget about them entirely. I absolutely agree with you that the GB crew (Or Anyone else in the community) should do game nights for these games and give them their last moment in the sun. It's an absolute shame that when people try to set something up involving these games that there is little to no response for participation.

Either people forgot about them amongst the sea of future game releases , or simply don't care anymore... and that sucks.

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@scroll said:

If I still had a copy I would.

Same boat as this guy. I have the PC version, but I think multiplayer hasn't worked on that version in quite a while, if I'm not mistaken. I did love the multiplayer in this game though; never touched the capture the flag mode, and I really wanted to.

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@dolphinbutter: Here was a game that tried to do something fresh and interesting while retaining to the style and mechanics of the series...and it underperformed financially. Jeff did a review that I thought was absolutely spot on. If there was any game this gen I would love to send off properly it would definitely be this game.

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Been a while since I looked at the game. Kinda left it behind when I was laid off and the studio had to close.

Might have to dust it off and take a look at it again.

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I started playing this on pc after buying it for some dumb reason (already played it on xbox at launch) but the MP is dead (could not make an account because the server does not exsist) then when I went to play the SP the game crashed!

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