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    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 18, 2007

    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII is the second game in the Blazing Angels series. It's an arcadey flight-action game similar to Crimson Skies.

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    In Blazing Angels 2, you play as Captain Robinson, an American pilot who puts together an elite group of pilots that get sent to do top-secret missions under the code name Operation Wildcard. The team is American, but as the game takes place in the early '40s, when the USA hadn't officially entered the war yet, everything is done clandestinely. The team consists of yourself, British veteran Edward "Teach" Thatcher, engineer and pilot Miles "Milo" Winchester and young, cocky James "Cowboy" Thorpe. You will frequently aid an allied spy called Marguerite, who must operate on the ground while you protect her from the skies. The game features 18 missions, a multiplayer mode (co-operative and adversarial) and upgradeable planes.

    Secret Mission Locations

    • Cairo
    • Moscow
    • China
    • Himalayas
    • Rome


    • Spitfire I: This British aircraft, dating back to 1940, gained fame fighting the Germans over Britain
    • ME 109 E: An advanced fighter for its time, the Emil version of the famous ME 109 was hampered by poor range.
    • IL-2: This mass-produced Russian plane was heavily armed and armoured, effective at attacking ground targets.
    • A6M Zero: The Japanese Zero was highly manoeuvrable but lightly armoured, prone to bursting into flames from the slightest damage.
    • FW 190A: This German plane controlled the French skies when it made its appearance and was known for its excellent speed, roll rate and firepower.
    • DO-335: A heavy fighter with an unusual push-pull design.
    • Meteor: The first Allied jet fighter to reach operational status, but it didn't see much use.
    • ME 163 Komet: Advanced for its time due to the rocket-powered engines. It was incredibly fast but dangerous to operate, resulting in more losses due to accidents than combat.
    • ME 262: Another jet-powered fighter, heavily armed and fast.
    • J7W Shinden: The most advanced Japanese aircraft of WWII, it was fast and manoeuvrable, with a propellor on the rear.
    • HE 162 Salamander: The second jet-powered aircraft used by the German Luftwaffe, mostly made of wood.
    • GO 229: A jet-powered flying wind with excellent performance that never saw combat in real life.
    • Vampire: An advanced British jet-powered aircraft that saw a lot of use after WWII, but never during it.


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