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    Blazing Dragons

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 03, 1996

    Blazing Dragons is a 2D adventure/puzzle game for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn consoles, based on a cartoon show of the same name. It is most noteworthy for having been conceptualized by Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame), whose influence can be seen in the often humorous writing.

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    The game centers around the dragon Flicker, an inventor who lives in Camelhot and has an affection for Princess Flame, but is not eligible to marry her because he is not a knight. The king announces a dragon tournament, where the winner will win the princess and become the new king. Flicker then starts on his quest to become a knight so he can compete in, and hopefully win, the tournament. The game is a twist on the legend of King Arthur, while also interweaving other legends humorously, such as the origin of Stonehenge being a trap for dragons that was later put into destroyed. To become a squire, Flicker must find the Knights of the Square Table.

    Cheech Marin, Terry Jones and Harry Shearer are just a few names to provide voices in the game.


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