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Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Review

Alright so this is the first DLC release for Borderlands 2 and takes you to the lovely city of Oasis where you'll meet a very interesting character that will be watching everything you do in the area. He'll tell you of a captain searching for the lost treasure of Captain Blade. You'll have to find the missing pieces to his famous compass to reveal the location, but of course there will be a ton of bad guys standing in your way. If you want explosions and a desert area with pirate themes galore this is the expansion for you.

Graphically it was interesting to see that something that should be nautical theme was set in a place so far removed from water. You'll be constantly faced by worms that will come out of the ground and try to burn you with acid. Good thing you get get a new vehicle especially made for this area. You'll get to use a hover skiff, which doesn't look all that bad. The enemies you'll face will probably have pirate themed names or attire, or both, but that's just the fun of this expansion. You'll be opening up a ton of pirate treasure chest which take the place of some of the boxes you've been opening up the rest of the game.

There were certain areas in the game that I didn't want to leave because there was just something about the background music that I really liked. One of the examples is the lighthouse area, that's all I'm say, I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you. The voice acting was as off the wall as the regular game, and of course that meant there were some times where you feel dirty listening to it, but after bathing in the blood of a couple of enemies that stand in your way, you almost feel ok with what is going on.

So you're off to Oasis. You can access this DLC almost immediately upon entering the game, but I would advise against doing that you're probably going to want to level up a couple more levels in the normal game before checking out the DLC. There's a lot of enemies to kill, there's a lot of treasures to find, and of course there's always a good dose of quests to keep you entertained. Sure there's the main quest of trying to find the legendary treasure, but have no fear there's more to this DLC than just that. You'll get to meet a range of characters, and even interact with at least one from the regular game. The best part is that after you have completed the treasure quest there's a surprise for you that will get you to keep playing, and probably bring some of your Borderland 2 playing friends along for the ride.

Even though there were some serious issues with collision detection, this was a solid addition to the game. It came out soon enough after I beat the game that I was still hungry for more. It did suck that I just beat the game and had to play from a new game+ save, but in the end I got to play what I wanted to play without too much of a detour and enjoy the majority of it. Thankfully most of the enemies I faced I didn't feel cheat by, though there were definitely some that kicked the crap out of me until I found that perfect spot to stand and shoot where I wasn't going to get owned after 2 minutes of a 6 minute fight. So if you want more Borderlands 2 you're going to want to spend the money to add this on. This DLC gets an 8.8 out of 10.

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