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Borderlands is "like a box of chocolates."

Many of us have been excited for Borderlands for a long time.  A  RPG & FPS set in a post apocalyptic wasteland?!
What more could I ask for?  
The game has an excellent comic book style, giving it a cool visual style.  Today most games are going for utmost realism, Borderlands is a refreshing change.  The characters aesthetics add to their over the top personalities.  Psycho's set themselves on fire, and charge at you spitting threats through a Raider mask.  Brutes come at you guns a blazing, walking like drone tanks of death.  Each of the playable characters have a unique personality and visual style to them also.  I don't know how many times people commented on "My jiggling ass" & asked if they should feel wrong for thinking dirty thoughts about a man voiced Lilith running in front of them.  Yeah the visuals are effective! 
Borderlands gameplay is where this beast really hits its stride.  I found the gameplay to be incredibly easy to get into (it shares the same control scheme as the CoD series), & the objective based missions to be really entertaining.  They made me want to continue pushing forward.  The lure of better weapons was constantly on my mind and was the driving force that kept me blowing heads off, corroding faces & making Skag brain stew.  Yeah some of the rewards are pretty crappy compared to what you've already looted but that's the beauty of this game.  It truly is a box of chocolates.  Different weapons are always dropping off random foes, squidging out of sloppy Skag turds, and sleeping in unexplored vaults.  The multiplayer is mucho accessible too.  Players can jump in and out of games online with ease, taking their rewards back to their single player game.  Split screen is also available, so for those that don't have LIVE don't fret you can play locally with a buddy from the comfort of your own couch.  This game plays better with friends, the more people blasting, the more lucrative the drops.  Invite some friends, jump into an existing game and get out there and whore your services out for that oh so accessible BFG!
I've just finished my 1st playthrough last weekend, I stayed awake until 5:30 AM needing to see this vault.  Now that the 2nd playthrough option is unlocked, new more powerful enemies are abound and I've got some more killing & weapons gathering to do!

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