Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 19, 2005

    Brain Age keeps the brain active through a series of mathematical questions, Stroop tests and Sudoku.

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    Blue. Blue? BAH-LOO! Dammit! 0

    Honestly, I'm not really even sure that Brain Age is a game, at least in the familiar sense of the word.  But none-the-less, Brain Age is definitely worth checking out.  The "software" as the game refers to itself as attempts to jog your post-high school brain back into a workout by throwing various mathematical and grammatical puzzles at you, often in rapid succession.  This may sound like an awful way to spend your time to some, but Nintendo has presented the tests in such a way that is f...

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    A good game to start with, but your interest shall slide. 0

    The whole point of Brain Training is to - believe it or not - train your brain. The age you want your age to be at is 20 according to the game and to see whether or not you are a genius you will be asked to play a selection of random games to determine what your brain age is.The DS is turned on its side much like a book and has you writing your answers on the touch screen, tapping the correct answers or speaking into the microphone. The games consist of a variety of things. One game titled Calcu...

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    Nintendo calls you stupid 0

    Brain Age : Train Your Brain in Minutes A Day : The solution to a problem you don’t have.Story : Brain Age is based on the ideas of Dr. Ryutu Kawashima, working with the idea that doing certain math, visual and memory problems on a routine basis will improve your brain…somehow. As you age, your brain may become dull, old, unfocused. By playing Brain Age, you can keep your brain sharp, clear and young. Also, be sure to drink plenty of pomegranate juice as it helps to flush out the toxins in your ...

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    The low price and unique presentation make Brain Age a must buy. 0

    There is one particular question that can be heard echoing throughout the corridors of time. It is something that cannot be correctly answered by most people, which usually include: the casuals, gaming novices, and those who have never touched a game in their miserable life. That question would be, “Can video games help us improve our intelligence?” Well, the way games have always been made could be the reason why most people ask this. You have your mindless hack and slash ventures, frantic shoo...

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    Brain Age Review 0

    Editor's Note: I wrote this review a long time ago. I think it needs some polish. I still agree with everything I said, however the review itself isn't that well written. I still think I bring out some good points though, so the review can still be helpful to those seeking advise.Brain Age has been quite the phenomenon in Japan. It's one of the main reasons why the DS is selling so well there. Brain Age is actually more of a tool than it is a game, which is something Nintendo has been trying to ...

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    Brain Age is an unusual game in respect to its unique concept. 0

    Brain Age is an unusual game in respect to its unique concept. Some scientists claim that playing this game for just a few minutes per day will not only entertain you but also make your brain feel physically sharper; these same experts say that the game is designed to stimulate your prefrontal cortex and boost your intelligence in the process. It’s hard to say whether the game achieves any of those things or simply makes you more adept at completing the activities on offer, I guess that’s not fo...

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    While casual gamers will go nuts over this, the hardcore will be 0

    Brain Age seemed like a really good idea at the time. An educational videogame that let you do simple brain exercises to keep your noggin thinking. And while it's fun for a few months, you'll end up not caring about it in the future. In Brain Age, you create a profile by giving some personal information, and then doing some brain exercises to determine your "brain age." (How old your brain really is compared to your own age.) You have a friendly Japanese doctor and college professor help you alo...

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