Games I have beaten. (As an Adult)

Games I have completed. At the very least this means that I have seen the ending credits role.

Note: this does not mean that these games are any good.

List items

  • This game was originally VERY HARD. Now I can clear it in under 2 hours. It's one of those things where once you "get it", and memorize all of the levels, you can do it on command. Like riding a bike really, only it took so much more effort to learn.

  • This game is a mostly hilariously bad first person shooter. Some interesting weapons can't save a game when everything else is stilted and boring. And believe me, I was surprised that they could make flying a gun wielding pterodactyl boring.

    Beaten in River Falls ('08-'09).

  • Somehow manages to bring the magic and fun of the side-scrolling space exploring series to beautiful 3-D.

    Beaten in River Falls ('08-'09)

  • While not as visually interesting or compelling as the original Metroid Prime, there is something to be said for not fixing something that was never broken.

    Beaten in River Falls ('08-'09).

  • Not only have I beaten this mediocre marathon of a 3-D platformer, I've collected every possible collectible for the final total of 101%. As a sad note, this is the Guinness World Record holder for game with the most collectibles. I was bored.

    Beaten in River Falls 08'-'09.

  • My girlfriend absolutely hated this game for the week I spent collecting all of the platinum medals but it remains one of my funnest gaming experiences despite the gimmick of bongo controls.

    Fall '08.

  • Oh how I remember trying this out for the first time in a Toyz-R-Us all those years ago and the magic of sitting down with it for those first few magical hours Christmas day. Probably my proudest achievement as a young gamer was collecting all 120 stars and getting to Yoshi.

    Beaten months after I got it for Christmas in '97.

  • Because it was a DS launch game. Collected all of the new stars. The multi-player also gets a thumbs up from me.

    Spring '05.

  • A classic.

    Re-beat it along with the two expansions (Blue Shift and Opposing Force) just this Spring.

    Spring '09.

  • See Half Life. :D

  • See Blue Shift. :D

  • It was a triumph.

    Beaten in Japan ('08-'09)

    Beaten again on May 25th 2010. This time it includes all of the achievements. Earning the Aperture Science achievement was one of the hardest and most fulfilling game achievements I've ever completed.

  • I bought it during their birthday sale for around $.50

    Loved the game, wish I was better at building taller towers in the sandbox.

    Beaten Fall '09.

  • Beat it in one 7 hour stint at my University's video game center.

    Blew me out of the water and I've never even played the highly lauded multi-player.

    Beaten Spring '09.

    What an ending.

  • I saw the ending, but there is always more to do.

    I haven't tried any of the DLC yet.

    Beaten in River Falls ('08-'09)

    "Bongo, Bongo, Bongo, I don't wanna leave the Congo, Oh no no no no noooooo...."

  • ....and I collected all the flags.


    Beaten in River Falls ('08-'09)

  • Scared the pants off of me so many times.

    Those boss fights were breathtaking.

    Beaten Winter '08

  • I forget exactly when I got this. I think during the Steam Holiday sale.

    Satisfying if not simple classic FPS action.

    Beaten Fall '09.

  • Beat my original gold pre-ordered copy as a young teen.

    Beaten sometime in middle school.

  • I haven't actually played any of the expansions yet. I'm waiting for all of them to be out before I start.

    Quite a game though.

    Beaten Summer '07

  • I collected all 121 stars... twice.

    That's once as Mario and again as Luigi. The most concentrated fun a game has been in a long time for me.

    Beaten January '09.

  • I beat all of the secret zone levels too!

    Beaten '09.

  • The original SNES version. Got 100 on every single level too. As a child I remember thinking that that was impossible but as an adult it's not that hard.

    Beaten Summer '09.

  • A beautifully flawed experience. Didn't stop me from collecting every last firefly.

    Beaten Fall '09

  • Beaten on winter vacation in Kamifukuoka Japan. JSP was out for it's winter interim but I had stayed behind because my host mom said I could. My Wii was the only system I could justify bringing with me since it's small enough to not take up too much room in my luggage. Pretty sure the only thing I didn't do in this game was collect some ghosts.

    Beaten Winter '08

  • Beat it on my laptop as I sat waiting for a standby flight to Taipei from Narita airport. Decent game, but rough around the edges. Interesting to see how much the formula improved for the later iterations.

    Beaten February '10

  • I've seen the final credits roll years ago, but wanted to hold off on adding it to my list until I earned a 3 star ranking- which I finally did sitting in my Taipei apartment around midnight.

    Beaten Winter '10

  • Beat it last summer in my apartment in River Falls. Not as challenging as I remember and was only really stumped once on the last dungeon. Lots of fun though and still a classic. A must play for anyone who wants to experience the definitive 2D Zelda.

    Beaten Summer '09

  • Probably the hardest game I have ever beaten. This game had me cursing up a storm. The first encounter with Sparda had me absolutely gnashing my teeth. Quite an accomplishment to beat.

    Beaten Summer '09.

  • Always been a fan of the series. Went back and played the hell out of it in Taiwan. I've beaten every War Room Map and unlocked every CO (Including Nell!). The advanced campaign was sometimes a little too reliant on gaming the system, but proved to be a real challenge nonetheless. Great game even if the computer AI does cheat with Fog of War.

    Beaten May 3rd, '10.

  • A classic point and click adventure game that I played often as a child, but never beat due to some of the difficult leaps in logic the game can ask you to make on certain puzzles that are required to progress. Great story, and who doesn't love Tim Curry with a fake southern drawl? Beaten May 4th, '10.

  • Finished the final downloadable puzzle here in Taiwan. Did the majority of the game at my host mother's house in Japan over winter vacation. Good game but very predictable in regards to the story. Beaten May 7th, 2:00 AM.

  • Now that I'm an adult I went back and played this without using the cheats I used as a child to progress through the story. A fun challenging RTS game with amazing multiplayer and interesting story. What can I say about Starcraft that hasn't already been said?

    Beaten in Fall 2008

  • When I finished Starcraft I slipped right into Brood wars and finished that as well.

    Incredibly satisfying and you have to love a story where the villain wins.

  • The final attractors achievement was a real pain in the ass. Amazingly beautiful game with an equally amazing soundtrack. Beaten May 31st, 2010, 4AM.

  • One of my favorite games of all time. I can't even count the number of times this game has kept me up until the sun has risen.

    I finally completed a life goal when I was in Japan during 07-08 and completed it on the "Impossible" difficulty. In my opinion, the best strategy game of all time.

  • While charming and beautiful it has the same problems most point and click adventures do. The in game guide system helped on those tricky points but the mini game required to access it was a bit pointless and boring.

    Beaten June 22nd. 2010.

  • Played this game because it was one that I could play with my broken wrist in Taiwan. Totally mastered it. Enjoyable but sometimes the levels went a bit passed the level of frustration that can be had while still having fun.

    Beaten Early Summer Taiwan. 2010.

  • Installed it and played through it. Loved the fake boot up screens and presentation. Didn't leave a very deep impression on me, but it was certainly one of those unique gaming experiences.

    Beaten in late October 2010.

  • While this game is still impossible to "beat" I have unlocked everything and gotten to the maximum brain age. I suppose I still have some Sudoku to do, but... I'm counting it anyways! While interesting, I doubt it makes you smarter in any perceivable way.

  • Beaten this summer on a two day whim. Still holds up pretty well and was fun to go crawling through. Even though the final fight with Diablo was a little anti-climactic.

  • I think this is probably the first Bioware game where I've managed to make it all the way to the end. A very proud day for me. Fun game, but near the end I realized the combat isn't quite as deep as I would have liked. Luckily, the story more than makes up for the sometimes glitchy experience. I played an evil character and really enjoyed some of the horrible choices available to my character.

  • The classic, the original. Not only beaten, but I somehow managed to get all 6 Chaos Emeralds and beat the game while heavily medicated after having all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Very fun, holds up very well. Beaten 11/15/2011

  • So for some reason I stayed up all night until 10:30 in the morning beating the last two levels of this game. Really fun and actually holds up quite well considering its age. Lots of fun. Beaten 9/18/2012