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    An automatically side-scrolling puzzle game by LucasArts.

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    Lucidity focuses on Sofi, a young girl who is worried about her aging grandmother. She navigates through vivid dreams with an art style that is reminiscent of a children's book. The player does not control her, but instead drops items that enable her to reach the end of the dream safely.


    The player has no direct control over Sofi herself as she walks at a constant speed towards the right on a 2D plane as the screen scrolls along with her. Rather the player guides her along by placing 1 of 5 randomly generated items in front of her.

    The Items and their effects are as follows:

    • Fan: Blows Sofi almost directly straight up and through certain floor/ceiling types.
    • Bomb : Launches Sofi away from the blast and can destroy certain walls and enemies.
    • Slingshot: Launches Sofi quickly through the air to the right.
    • Staircase: Provides Sofi with an upwards right path to follow over gaps or to a higher altitude.
    • Wood Plank: Provides Sofi a surface to walk on over gaps or hazards.

    For most levels these items are randomly generated so that in theory, the player will never take the same path twice through a level. The player can move their currently available item around the map and place it wherever they like. The next available option is seen waiting in a box in the upper right hand corner of the screen so impromptu path planning is an important gameplay aspect. One useful piece at a time can also be saved and switched to at any time. This system of fast paced item placement, planning and reserving closely resembles the system in place for the classic puzzle game Tetris.

    Strewn throughout the levels are obstacles (pits, blackholes, barbedwire, prickly bushes) and enemies (Mushrooms, Fish, Frogs). While some obstacles cause Sofi to instantly perish and restart, most merely cause her to take damage. Sofi can be damaged twice before the player must try again from the previous checkpoint. Sofi can be restored to full health by touching any of the fireflies in the level. These fireflies can also be collected to unlock hidden bonus levels. Each bonus level (except for the final one) requires 100 fireflies to unlock.


    The plot revolves around the heroine Sofi dealing with the loss of her Nana. The gameplay segments depict her wandering through her dreamscapes looking for Nana. It is developed mostly through glimpses into Sofi's journal before each level and through postcards in these dreams by Nana.


    The Story of Lucidity is presented through Sofi's journal pages which precede each level and by postcards left for her by her Nana which are discovered at the end of every level. Aside from these, plot points are mildly developed with three short cinematics dispersed throughout the experience.

    The art style of Lucidity draws heavily on simple storybook elements. Each level takes the form of one of Sofi's dreams or thoughts. The style is distinctive and appears "hand drawn" and is heavily themed with elements of a child's imagination. Enemies are often colorful renditions of real world animals or plants while the environments consist mainly of a farm, underwater, and outer space.

    The music is subdued and consists of many soft piano pieces.


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