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A Waking Dream 0

   System’s: PC, Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 Version Reviewed).Publisher – LucasArtsDeveloper – LucasArtsGenre – Puzzle/PlatformerPros: *Jaw-Dropping Art style *Beautiful soundtrack. * A deep, emotional story.Cons: *You have no direct control over Sofi. *Game relies more on luck than skill. *Almost impossible to collect all the items in the level. *Super twitchy gameplay destroys the atmosphere. *It’s very short, and runs out of new tricks after the first act.Lucidity is a beautiful new IP from LucasAr...

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A pretty, sleepy adventure 0

Anything with an attractive and a vibrant visual style and I'm usually signed up on the spot. While you could praise a game for being more technically proficient and having realistic everything, there's something more memorable about something that you rarely ever see. It's really this reason that brought me to Lucidity, an adventure title done by Lucasarts with a beautiful soundtrack and an even more dreamlike art-style. But the presentation can only go so far as the actual game part can be one...

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Proving that a beautiful art style is not enough to carry a game. 0

 There's no denying it, Lucidity is a beatiful game. It started out as a side project among developers over at LucasArts, and quickly evolved into a full fledged Xbox Live Arcade release, combining the frantic pace of a Lemmings game with the strategic and luck-of-the-draw pace of Tetris. The result is a heart tearing disconnect between a thoughtfully designed art style and actual gameplay. Lucidity revolves around a tale of loss, and how a little girl, Sofi, copes with it. Her vivid memo...

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Lucidity sucks! 0

This is a nice looking game visually but doesn't have any game play really.  All you do is walk along a side scrolling path with which you cannot control the character.  You can then place objects such as, spring boards, steps, catapults and various other parts into the path to get to the post box at the end of the course.  It also has other creatures in the game which you must avoid although if you manage to jump on top of one you would think it would die like in most other games but not in thi...

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