Games I am ashamed of never beating.

We all have our dark secrets. Here are mine.

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  • Considering how many times I've restarted this game and made it through the first chapter, I really have no excuse here.

    I just can't seem to finish it! Which is insane, because I am about as big of a Dungeons and Dragons Nerd as possible.

  • I've owned it for years and gotten mostly through it on several occasions. Never finished it, and I even thought it was better than most people did.

  • I've read all of the critical reviews of this game, am incredibly interested in it, but have never gotten around to playing it, while I plow my way through terrible games like "Turok: Evolution"

  • I... I don't have an excuse.

  • I am pathetic.

  • This was actually due to a game freeze that deleted several hours of play since I hadn't saved and was too frustrated to go back to it.

  • Considering what a huge fan of series I am, I really haven't finished many of the games.

  • I've never beaten the original game. This makes me very sad.

  • I bought the expansion and never even saw any of the new content because I never beat Diablo.


  • I love it so much, but I've never gotten very far in it for some reason.