My favorite games.

Not all of these are what I would describe as amazing games, but they are games I can always go back to (and usually do) whenever I want to have fun. They are my personal favorites and for whatever reason, I just can't stop playing them.

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    When I was in 4th grade, I slept over at my friends house and he introduced me to Master of Orion II. We stayed up until dawn making new races, battling each other, and using cheat codes to conquer the galaxy. 13 years later and I'm still playing it. This game has so many layers to it and so much strategy that I simply cannot recommend it enough.

  • The original. Even though it is old and dated and has a remake on the DS, nothing makes me pull out my Nintendo 64 more often than Super Mario 64. Pure game play perfection.

  • While this game doesn't age nearly as well as most of the others on my list, I still find myself booting it up and cycling through the events of Cloud's battle against JENOVA and Sephiroth. Something about it captures the all of the fun and corny parts of old RPGs that you just don't find nowadays. Limit Breaks, Action Time Battles, Potions, Summons, minigames and an amazing cast of characters manage to keep this one fondly in my heart.

    It doesn't hurt that I have a $500 Final Fantasy VII statue either.

  • This is in my opinion the best 2d platformer ever made. Ever single level is so creative and rememberable. This entire game is soaked with imagination and flat out perfect design.

    Why the hell was the DS sequel such a disappointment?

  • I don't exactly know why this game has it's hooks in me. It's a fun strategy game but the combat is easily manipulated and essentially broken. Is it the story points that can be incredibly entertaining to follow? Is it the unique progress bar based gameplay? Or is it simply the Darth Vadar-esque midi that plays whenever the Pope shows up to ask you for money? Who knows. But it sure is fun.