Games I am currently playing.

These are the games that I am currently working my way through. I hope to keep this list going so I can keep track of games and actually finish them without letting them fall by the wayside. I want to see the endings to these games!

Please, offer encouragement. I hate backing out of games before I finish them.

List items

  • My brother bought it for me for Christmas. I like its sense of humor so far.

  • Just really have to get that last bat before I can call this one a wrap. Lots of fun.

  • I've seen one ending, but we all know that's not good enough.

  • One level left. Lots of simple fun and great music, but the controls are infuriatingly imprecise.

  • Over 140 hours sunk into this so far.

    Much more fun than Minecraft in my opinion.

  • Still launch this game in steam whenever I want to try and earn some achievements. Have quite a few left to go. Lots of replay value.