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    Brian the Lion

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    You play as Brian the lion. The goal in the game is to find and rescue your friend Chris the Crystal. He was kidnapped by the games baddy Greeza the Dragon. Along the way you will stumble upon some other characters like, Barry the Bear and Graeme the Gorilla, and their goal is to prevent you from rescuing you precious friend.

    You run through levels, destroying enemies by clawing them or jumping on their heads. In each level you can collect blue crystals, witch you can use to at a shop to buy yourself some extra lives, more hit points and stronger jumps, more speed and a roar that also can kill your enemies. The game also features hidden areas in the levels. Some of them will lead you in a different direction than the one you would reach at the end of the level. In order to move on there are some levels you have to complete before you can go further in the game, but you can always return to a level that you have completed before.

    Like any older platformer you have a timer on each level, complete it with in the time limit and you will get a bonus, going over the time will not earn you anything, and you will not be able to gain access to one of the three bonus levels that you can choose from.

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