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    Ubisoft Reflections, formerly Reflections Interactive, are best known for creating the Driver series and the original Stuntman game.

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    Reflections Interactive was founded in Newcastle, United Kingdom in 1984 by Martin Edmondson. The company's first successful title which found critical acclaim and commercial success was Shadow of the Beast, selling high numbers on the Amiga system and considered by many to be a merit in visual design.

    Similar to spearheading the Amiga system, in 1994 Reflection Interactive developed and designed a title for Sony PlayStation's first wave of games, a game of vehicular mayhem, Destruction Derby, followed by the sequel Destruction Derby 2 in 1996. Another driving game developed by Reflections Interactive was Driver, a cinematic driving game heavily influenced by classic car chase films, and has spawned a series of sequels, most recently Driver: San Francisco.

    In August 2006 Reflections Interactive was acquired by Ubisoft and is now known as Ubisoft Reflections Ltd.


    TitleYear ReleasedPublisher
    Ravenskull1986Superior Software
    Codename: Droid1987Superior Software
    Stryker's Run1987Superior Software
    Shadow of the Beast1989Psygnosis
    Shadow of the Beast II1990Psygnosis
    Shadow of the Beast III1992Psygnosis
    Brian the Lion1994Psygnosis
    Destruction Derby1995Psygnosis
    Destruction Derby 21996Psygnosis
    Thunder Truck Rally1998Psygnosis
    Driver1999GT Interactive
    Driver 22000Infogrames
    Driver: Parallel Lines2006Atari, Ubisoft
    Driver 762007Ubisoft
    Emergency Heroes2008Ubisoft
    Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer2008Ubisoft
    Driver: San Francisco2011Ubisoft
    Grow Home2015Ubisoft

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