Bully Scholarship Edition On Steam, Opinions?

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Hey GiantBomb friends~
I wasn't sure if this was better on the off topic board or the general discussion board, but I noticed that today on Steam they have this game at 75% off and I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience with it?  I've read that the scholarship edition was kind of a train wreck for the 360 and more or less unplayable and that the PC port was more or less the same.  I was wondering if anyone has gotten it from steam, if it's any better or pretty much the exact same version as the PC port or what?  Can anyone offer any incite to this?  With the 75% off I guess it is only $3.75 so it wouldn't be like it was a terrible loss of cash but if it is something that is horrendous I might as well save my $4 for something else on sale that is worth it or chip in some real money and get like The Witcher 2 or something.  Anyways, thanks in advance for everyone's feedback and all.  (as you can see from my number of posts I'm pretty much brand new to the GB site, but I have been listening to the podcast for a while.)

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I really enjoyed my time with Bully on consoles. Not familiar with the quality of the PC port.

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It was fine on the Xbox 360, for me at least.

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I saw it on sale and was thinking the exact same thing. I took a quick look in the Steam forums for the game and saw a few posts with titles like this "They finally fixed Bully!", "Thank god! Latest patch makes it so I can play this game", etc.
For $3.75 I figured I didn't have much to lose and grabbed it. Haven't had a chance to try it out though (I'm still at work, shhhh).

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I was thinking about this too, having never owned a PS2. A quick look at the Steam forums for the game seem to suggest it's gotten better. There's probably worse ways to spend $3.75.

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#6 Posted by roc_553 (272 posts) -
@FiZi: Damn you! I was too slow.
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#7 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

really awesome game enjoyed it.  for 4 bucks it good deal

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i was thinking the same. i think i'm going to let this one go because nobody seems to have the answer to it. there are a lot of games for sale.

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#9 Posted by FiZi (145 posts) -
@roc_553:  Haha! and I was beaten by two people saying it worked for them on a 360 even though the OP was asking about the PC version.
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I've spend two hours with it now, the game is very enjoyable but I'll point out the flaws: 
- Slow mouse, luckily you can alter it in the settings and I recommend that you do that right away. 
- Awkward keyboard and mouse control. For some reason the controls are different from e.g. GTA it takes a bit of getting used to but works fine after that. 
- Bad targeting, maybe it's me but I can't get the targeting right, I can't count the times I've hit empty air or worse friendlies. 
- The framerate seems capped.  

Except for those points the game seems to work without problems.

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#11 Posted by FiZi (145 posts) -
@Nictel: For the framerate cap (I assume 60fps) see if there is a V-Sync setting and turn it off. I wasn't able to find any info in Google about how to do this. As for the controls I read a post on the Steam forums saying to use a 360 Controller for the PC if you can.
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I own it for the 360, I think they patched the bugs because i didn't find any.  For the game if your into open world type games you might enjoy it, but for todays day an age I kind of thought it was a little boring.  For $3.75 you matters well try it out, but its not going to blow your mind.

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#13 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

I tried it on PC and it would never run. It's a notoriously bad port. Worse than the GTA4 port by a mile. 
So I bought it on 360 and S-ranked it.

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#14 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -
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#15 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -

stupid 2k and their region protection-ism
us non-american cannot enjoy the bounty of this sale, and its not even in our steam catalog.
 to add salt to injury they put a big fat NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU over the picture.
i hate being not american.

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#16 Posted by Tiny_Tank (96 posts) -

Wow, thanks for the input everyone.  (Thanks Geno for the more technical review of your experience) however even after all you've said I'm still undecided on whether to get this on steam or just Gamefly it.  I was also thinking about picking up Just Cause 2 and especially after looking at the QL for it which makes it look like a fantastic amount of fun, but I think I might just Gamefly that one when I get a bit more of a slowdown in my gaming queue.  Thanks to the moderator who moved this thread to the appropriate board.  I didn't realize that there was a board for each specific game/entry on the site, but now after fumbling through the Just Cause 2 page I was able to figure out how to get to the forum board for that particular game.  Bummer for all of the people who can't get the sale, I thought that I saw people on the other board mentioning the sales prices in another currency but maybe it is only select areas or something.  Thanks again to all who provided feedback and help.

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#17 Posted by MrCellophane (570 posts) -
@niamahai said:
" stupid 2k and their region protection-ism  us non-american cannot enjoy the bounty of this sale, and its not even in our steam catalog.  to add salt to injury they put a big fat NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU over the picture.  i hate being not american. "
I'm not American, and I had absolutely no problem buying and playing the game through Steam
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#18 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

The game just crashes at the main loading screen for me (every single time I try to load it up). I've tried new graphics drivers, sound card drivers, restarts, compatibility mode, updating Direct X manually, and a bunch of other little things, but it just doesn't run. It will probably be the first game I ever ask for a refund for on Steam.

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#19 Posted by MayorFeedback (685 posts) -

I have Bully on PC and it's fine. You did remind me that I need to finish it, though. 
That being said, if you have to choose between the two, get Just Cause 2. The reason:  http://justcause2mods.com/

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#20 Posted by JJWeatherman (14929 posts) -
@Tiny_Tank: Welcome to the forums. Stay a while, and... post. 
@AndrewB: Does Steam actually give refunds?
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#21 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -
@JJWeatherman said:
" @Tiny_Tank: Welcome to the forums. Stay a while, and... post. 
@AndrewB: Does Steam actually give refunds? "
I've never tried, but I believe you can e-mail support. I don't think they make it easy, but I have a good excuse and a huge library of Steam games, so it should be a little easier to convince them I'm not doing anything shady.
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#22 Posted by Sulla (50 posts) -

I bought it today and didn't even think about the possibility of a bad console port, probably because of it only being a few bucks. Now to fit this into my backlog...

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