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A Game That is Addiciting and Keep you on the Edge of your Seat!

What Can i Say? EA have once again done it with this amazing game in its Series from the other 2 games! The thing that makes this one special above the rest is the new features you can look forward to in this game! As always it features new circuits and plenty of cars to trash and make carnage of, even if it is playing against the computer or with your mates!

With the new features and modes in this game include the main feature which you didnt use to do in the other two burnouts and also which is featured in the game title itself and that is taking down ur competition by ramming them into the side of either a barrier, a wall or even other vehicles on the road. By doin this it will give you full bar of boost which makes it even more exciting with the speeds your going at. Sticking with taking down other cars, another new feature in this game are called signature moves. This is when you can make a takedown move in a particular area on the circuit which might be in your signature album.

In your career mode there is different sorts of race events that you can take part in like:
Race, Grand Prix, Eliminator, Face Off and Road Rage

Race is just a normal race around any particular ciruit and its just first one to the finish line
Grand Prix is earning points in a series of races to hit the highest score.
Eliminator is when you stay ahead of who ever is in last place and at the end of the lap that driver in last is knocked out of the race.
Face Off is when you race one on one against a challenger to win their car
Road Rage is when you chase down and takedown as many of your rival racers as possible within the time limit. The amount of targets you takedown wins you medals.

Another new feature in the game is when playing a mode called Crash you can collect token like giving you a instant boost or collecting a bronze, sliver or gold token to add to your crash total at the end and others like x2 or x4 in which is multiply's your total. Crashbreaker creates an instant wreckage around your car to cause more damage and this earns you more money, Heartbreaker is the one to avoid if you can as this halves your total at the end.

Special Events and Crash Headlines are also something to be proud of during your career mode as just like the signature moves.

Overall in my opinion a very good game and worth going to get if you havent played it or havent heard of it as it is a game that will keep you entertained for ages!

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