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The pinnacle of arcade racing 11

Blaze a path of destruction and never look back. It's the philosophy behind Burnout 3. There have been vehicular combat games that encouraged slamming opponents before B3, but none had ever done it with such a realized sense of aggression and satisfaction, and none have been able to match it's impact. The blood thirsty addiction to taking out opponents that players develop while playing B3 gives it an edge in the crowded world of arcade racing games, which struggled to find a new icon after the ...

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Simply the Best 0

Let me begin by saying that I never played the original Burnout nor Burnout 2. I came into Burnout 3 with a clean slate, except for all the hype surrounding it, and not truly sure what to expect. After about an hour of playing I decided that it was probably the best arcade racing game I'd ever played. After a few more hours I was sure of it. And then, after another dozen hours I started to wonder if it was the overall racing game I'd ever played, period. Yes, it is that good. Burnout 3 isn't jus...

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Contents may be too fun to handle. Use caution when playing. 0

"Wow," is the first thing that I said when I played Burnout 3: Takedown. Having never played Burnout 1 or 2, I had no idea what to expect from this much-hyped game. Needless to say, I was blown away by how visceral this game is and how addicted to it I became. Burnout 3 looks great. Everything from the environments, to the motion blur, to the bits of car that go flying off when you wreck add your sense of speed and danger. You'll crash a lot in this game. In fact, you'll purposely crash a lot i...

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Awesome Game To Play With Friends!!!! 0

Burnout it the PERFECT game to play with your buddies or to play online. It starts out fun crashing into eachother but when you get that perfect takedown and the other car just goes flying it rules! You can play this game for hours on end all night long. It is amazing to play on your own but playing with friends is just ground braking. And even when you lose or get knocked down you dont get frustrated because it was just so damn cool watching it you cant be pissed.  Burnout 3: Takedown is one of...

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Burnout 3, for the better! 0

This is my very first experience with the Burnout series, and I can say that I'm impressed. I don't typically enjoy competitive sports titles, which is what my brain tends to classify racing titles. Even still, I don't particularly enjoy racing games, and the ones that I have had fun with faded very quickly (I'm talking within a mere couple of 1/2 hour sittings). Burnout 3 is different; yes, it's racing, but for a person like myself, that typically enjoys strategy and role-playing games, it kep...

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Burnout has evolved massively 0

The Burnout series has always been about one thing: pushing your limits while driving in traffic with your engine spitting out nitro. This time around, it's about making your opponents crash. When you for example push an opponent to the front of a bus, "BUS TAKEDOWN" will pop up on your screen while you see your opponents car being smashed in slow-motion. However the camera will for a couple of seconds not concentrate on your car, but your opponents car. If you were to crash in a wall before the...

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Simple Plain fun 0

 To define the game simply it’s perfect. The game is simple plain fun. Instant action from the start. The previous game was also like this but lacked the sheer sense of speed and takedowns. The game also feels like the fastest game on earth. There may be other games that go over 209 miles per hour but no one gives the sense of speed that this game gives and makes you go on oncoming lane and dodge the fast approaching oncoming traffic and really feels like its going at 209. In burnout you ...

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A Game That is Addiciting and Keep you on the Edge of your Seat! 0

What Can i Say? EA have once again done it with this amazing game in its Series from the other 2 games! The thing that makes this one special above the rest is the new features you can look forward to in this game! As always it features new circuits and plenty of cars to trash and make carnage of, even if it is playing against the computer or with your mates!With the new features and modes in this game include the main feature which you didnt use to do in the other two burnouts and also which is...

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Burnout 3 what a game 0

this game has everything in that you will like.the graphics are up to date this game features all the best cars in there categories, this game also features after touch this means when you crash you can move any direction you want to. this game also features online mode and multiplayer mode i recommend this game to any die hard racing fans this is the most fantastic superb and excellent game. pros - gameplay, cars and music cons- very repetitive, limited online features so i justify the rating...

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