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    One of six playable characters from the game "Loaded". Wields a Flamethrower.

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    Every time butch tries to escape his incarceration he grabs women's clothing, but this is not by desperation he seems to enjoy wearing them. since he will kill anyone who would laugh about the outfit he's wearing he was duped as "the most dangerous Cross-dresser". He wields a Flame thrower that he calls "the flaming queen".


    Butch is back and once again escaping from incarceration. he swam 3000 miles off of an island prison. once on soar he stole a swimsuit from a female lifeguard. He now has a pair of uzi he called "Gender Defender".



    - Exploding rings
    A swarm of fireballs splitting in every part of different areas burning any foes it comes in contact with.


    -Flaming rings


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